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"My Astrological Journey, How to be a good astrologer", Knowledge of a Good astrologer, "Qualities of an Astrologer", "Spiritual healing by Good astrologer","Vedic Astrologer & Author" Feedback_Systems_Approach_Astrology", Jyotish Remedies for financial stability.""Jyotish Remedies for Male child", "Jyotish Remedies for Marriage", "Jyotish Remedies - Kavach for good health", "Jyotish Remedies for good relationships" Jyotish Remedies for professional success, Jyotish Remedies for success in Relationships, Jyotish Remedies & Health, "Feedback_Systems_Approach_Astrology", Jyotish Remedies for black magic,"Jyotish Remedies for Business Ventures", Jyotish Remedies for manglik dosha, Jyotish Remedies for sade sati, Jyotish Remedies for financial stability."
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V K Choudhry

On 18th September, 2015, I was contacted by a person, Mr. Sharma, for an astrological consultation. I was busy that day attending a discourse on Srimad Bhagvat Puran. I informed him that there was time available for a consultation on 19th September, 2015. Mr. Sharma said it was urgent, so we scheduled an appointment for 8:00pm on the 18th. He and three other people came at 8:00pm before I had arrived. Mr. Sharma went ahead and shared the following horoscope with my son, Krishan Rajesh Chaudhary:

Rajesh told them that the horoscope showed great difficulties for the owner of this chart. The difficulty was seen both in the natal chart and the transit chart.There was a prolonged transit impact (i) on natal Sun, Rahu and Ketu by transit Rahu and Ketu and (ii) on natal Jupiter and the Most Effective Points (MEP) of seventh, eleventh, first and third houses by transit Jupiter, which clearly indicated threat to longevity. The natal lord of the eighth house is placed in an afflicted house. When the weak lord of the eighth house is under the exact prolonged transit impact of Rahu and Ketu it threatens the longevity. In the natal chart, the functional malefic planet Jupiter is exactly on the MEP of the third house. Rajesh advised Mr. Sharma and the other persons on what the propitiatory astral remedies are for Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and the Sun. At this stage I entered the room. Mr. Sharma asked if I would look at the chart. Mr. Sharma requested that even though the astral remedies have been advised by Rajesh, could I see if some additional remedies were required. I just glanced at the birth chart and said that the astral remedies advice is the same as advised by Rajesh. I further said that I did not see life there but maybe the remedies might bring some miracle. At this stage Mr. Sharma revealed that the owner of the birth chart had met with an accident and was in an ICU of a noted hospital with head injuries. He and the three other people left with the astrology advice.

A couple of weeks later Mr. Sharma returned accompanied by some other people to inform me that the native had succumbed to the injuries. They inquired whether the birth chart of the younger brother of the deceased person also had some life threatening planetary influences. One of the ladies accompanying Mr. Sharma said that she had been learning astrology for the past six years but was unable to see the problem in the birth chart of the deceased person. She wanted to learn the analytical techniques employed by me and Rajesh for analyzing the birth chart. I told her that the classical astrology cannot help in arriving at quick, dependable and precise planetary influences; for that result she had to learn the Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes.

A week later this lady contacted me again and said that she and some other students who had been studying with an institution teaching astrology through classical principles for the last six years wanted to attend the 10th SA Astrologers' Conference being organized by the International Institute of Predictive Astrology, Fairfield, IA, USA, in Gurgaon, in association with The Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology, Gurgaon. I told her they could not attend the conference because they did not know the SA predictive techniques. I went on to explain that all the discussions in the conference would be using the SA predictive techniques; they may not understand the discussions and could create disturbances in the proceedings of the Conference. She along with her three other classmates decided to learn the SA predictive techniques before the Conference. So this group of students came to me to learn the predictive techniques.

On the first day of class, I provided a birth chart to these students and asked them to show me the way they would analyze it. The students silently communicated through their eyes amongst themselves and said that they did not know how to analyze a chart and that is why they had come to learn with me. I told them, “Okay, I will teach you that.”

They were aware of how to make a chart, the significations of planets, significations of houses, exaltation and debilitation signs of planets, malefic houses and the planetary periods, etc. So, we proceeded further.

I first started with the SA predictive techniques and introduced them to the concepts of: the functional nature of planets, the most malefic planet, the orb of influence, the afflicting planets, the afflicted planets, identifying the strength of the planets, the Sun-like houses, analyzing results of the sub periods, inter-relationship of planets amongst themselves and with houses, measuring the strength of houses, impact of combust planets, dispositor, retrograde planets, divisional charts, reading of triple transit influence, etc.

I was surprised to know that their teachers did not allow them to ask questions and they were generally dictating their own prepared lessons; this was the biggest drawback in their learning. I said that in SA the learning starts with the case studies and the students may ask as many questions as they can. They were permitted to ask questions on the horoscopes presented by them for greater understanding. The learning of twelve hours was completed; spread out over four days on two week-ends. They learned the way to confidentially analyze the birth chart and were happier with the greater self-assurance, speedy analysis, dependability and accuracy using the SA technique. Three of them attended the 10th SA Astrologers' Conference in December, 2015.












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