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V K Choudhry

In January, 1986, I returned to Delhi and the activity of astrological consultations started picking up both in office and in the circle of family and friends. Most of the people had anxiety and wanted to know about the future. Those suffering from problems were interested in astral remedies for coming out of the problems.

The parents of the children were interested in astrological suggestions for improvement in the studies of their children. Lot of consultations were offered. On Sundays and holidays I continued my studies by analysing the case studies being reported in the various astrological journals for sharpening the predictive skills further.

The time went by and the feedback started pouring in for the predictions made. In same case it was very encouraging while in some cases it was very discouraging. In one case a child failed miserably in her eighth standard. The child was studying in a very good school and both the parents were highly educated. Let me discuss the chart of the child here.

Female born 13th August, 1974, 1420 hours at Rohtak (India).

The lord of the fourth house is placed in the eighth house. The fourth house is occupied by the benefic, Jupiter. The lord of the ascendant Mars is placed in the tenth house and it influences the first, fourth and fifth houses. The Moon is exalted. The lord of the tenth house is well placed in the ninth house. The significator of the fourth and tenth houses, Mercury, is placed in the ninth hosue. In a question about the career of the child, based on the classical principles it was predicted that the native could be a surgeon due to placement of Mars in Leo being lord of the ascendant and the lord of tenth house causing a rajyoga due to placement in the ninth house. Even the presence of Jupiter in the fourth house could not help.

The failure of the child raised questions for looking into the strength of the planets more meaningfully and identifying the correct functional nature of planets. This was the first stage for evolution of the Systems'Approach later. The native was in the sub period of Mercury. The propitiatory remedies were suggested for Rahu and Ketu and the strengthening of Mercury, Saturn and the Moon were suggested. The native benefitted out of it. Later with hard work and with the help of continued astral remedies the native obtained Master's degree from the University in the first division. The passage of time helped in identifying the correct functional nature of planets, effective orb for identifying the impact of conjunctions and aspects, etc. etc.




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