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V K Choudhry

In quest of learning further, my visits to Sagar Publications increased in search of new books. During the course of visits, I had chances to meet many new astrologers, authors, editors, members of Management Committee of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, etc. To my astonishment most of the people who had spent years, were authors and experienced astrologers, were still plagued by confusions regarding functional nature of planets, combustion of planets, retrograde planets, conjunctions of planets, etc. etc. Most of the astrologers will immediately take out their own horoscopes for clarifications. Many of the authors and astrologers came to learn astrology after they had serious problems in their relationships and professional affairs.

I started writing case studies where the astral remedies had shown improvements for the astrological journals like AM, TOA, Planets and Forecast, Jyotish Times and Babaji. Some of the journals were trying to project their superior image while they were publishing useless articles. I dared to send comments on the superficial and manipulative articles to the editors of such journals.

My deep interest and study started showing results and the first spark was deciding the functional nature on the basis of the mooltrikona signs. The discussions were carried further through the articles. The publications of articles paved the way for the books and the first phase of the Systems'Approach was published in the form of the book, Systems'Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes. The acceptance of SA principles started threatening the existing authors, editors of journals and their supporters. So much so, some of the authors and teachers started advising their students that they should not read the books published by Sagar Publications and in particular by V. K. Choudhry. But when the Sun rises nobody can stop the light. One of the teachers wrote in one of the astrological journals that one of the modern authors had been the best teacher in the last 400 years. It was around February, 1995. I took the cue. I wrote back that what to talk of this author's being the best teacher, he even did not understand astrology. He only published translations and contributed through publications and making the literature available to the people who wanted to learn astrology. And see, what is the irony of fate. The same person today does not spare the person of the criticism to whom he considered the best teacher in the last 400 years in 1995. Some of the astrological journals failed and in some cases the publications have either been stopped or sold because of lack of reliable content and predictive methodology. One of the editors died in young age and could not plan even for his own family.

Professional jealousies and ego of people comes in the way of acceptance of the views of others. So, to bring a change in established fields is not an easy job. But I did not stop and started demolishing wrong notions of classical astrology one by one through articles and case studies. People, who had open mind to the rhyme and reason, read my work and appreciated. Their feedback gave me tremendous encouragement to bring the SA to the current level.

There are some persons who only criticize others in their quest to sell their own books/publications. They have made no contributions by guiding people on the internet. Rather they used the opportunity of internet and Groups to gather information for their own publications. The Groups having such people as their guide, could not survive. I do not name people as this is not my aim. My aim is to present to people the principles that work. My aim is to help the learners in learning. So, at SATVA101 at Yahoogroups almost all the queries of the learners are personally answered by me round the clock. I am happy to note that those who are deeply interested in learning astrology are very intelligent and they are able to see the real worth of the books and publications available in the market.




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