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V K Choudhry

One of the medical specialists practicing in Calcutta consulted us for the education of his daughter around May, 1985. Thereafter, he referred to us some cases of chronic patients. One of these patients was in an ICU due to diabetes, another was a patient of bed wetting, third was a patient of fear psychosis, fourth was a patient of asthma, fifth was a case of depression, etc. etc. All these cases demonstrated improvement in a couple of months after performance of propitiation and in some cases some gemstones were used. One day the doctor said that he had recommended so many persons to us but we have not referred any patients to him. We just started laughing. He was surprised and asked for the reason of our laugh. Then we explained him that our advice had been helpful in all the cases of chronic illnesses referred by him. When anybody consults us on health issues, he/she was already in treatment with his/her doctor. We suggest astral remedies for better effectiveness of medicine and the person benefits. So, there is little chance of reciprocal reference. Let me bring out some of the charts here.

CASE OF DIABTESE (Male born 9th June, 1948, 1955 Hours, Calcutta, India).

This person started suffering from diabetes at a very early stage in life. The fifth house and the lord of the fifth house are under the close affliction of Rahu. The significator for liver, Jupiter, is weak due to infancy. The significator for digestion and vitality is weak in weak due to bad placement. During transit in 1985 the fifth house, natal Rahu and the lord of the fifth house were under the affliction of Rahu. This caused severeness of the problem and the native was admitted to ICU. The relatives of the native were suggested propitiatory astral remedies for Rahu and Ketu. The suggestion was also made for strengthening of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. The performance of the astral remedies showed significant improvement for the person.

CASE OF BED WETTING (Male born 2nd January, 1980, 1830 hours at Calcutta).

Mercury the planet ruling nervous system is placed in the sixth house in the state of combustion and is under the affliction of Rahu. From February, 1985, he was in the sub period of Mercury in the main period of Jupiter. The Sun is weak due to placement in the sixth house. Jupiter is weak due to the weakness of dispositor, Sun. The lord of the ascendant is weak due to placement in the twelfth house. The weakness of the sixth house, the weakness of the ascendant and the weakness of Mercury can give the problems of constipation and bed wetting in the sub periods of the afflicted planets. The native was suggested to wear an emerald and a pearl and was suggested propitiatory remedies for Rahu and Ketu. The native reported benefits and improvement.

CASE OF FEAR PSYCHOSIS (Male born 5th December, 1976, 0940 hours at Calcutta.).

The sleep of the child was generally disturbed and the child used to start crying out of fears. The fear psychosis is developed due to the weakness of the Moon, afflictions to the Moon and the weakness of the fourth house. The fourth house is under the affliction of Rahu and Ketu. The lord of the fourth house Mars is weak as it is combust. The Moon and Venus are weak due to infancy and they are under the close affliction of the lord of the twelfth house. Mercury is weak due to bad placement. The strengthening of Mars, Moon and Venus were recommended for the child. The propitiation of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter were recommended and the performance of these helped the child coming out of the fear psychosis.

CASE OF ASTHMA (Female born 20th June, 1946, 0844 hours at Calcutta).

This person was suffering from acute asthmatic condition. The afflictions to the third house and the planet Mercury can cause asthmatic conditions. In this case the lord of the third house is significator, Mercury, itself. The lord of the ascendant is weak due to bad placement. Mercury is badly placed in the twelfth house and is under the affliction of Rahu and Ketu in shashthamsa. The third house is occupied by the lord of the sixth house. Jupiter and the third house are under the influence of Rahu. The strengthening of Mercury, Moon and the Sun were recommended and the propitiatory remedies were suggested for Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter. The native benefited out of the performance of the astral remedies.

CASE OF DEPRESSION (Female born 29th March, 1949, 0400 hours).

The depression is caused due to disturbed mental peace due to any reason. In this case it was coming out of the frustration in her professional work and the unstable conditions in her other family affairs. The lord of the fourth house ruling mental peace is weak due to combustion. The Moon ruling marital affairs and Venus ruling professional affairs are also weak due to combustion. Mercury ruling the house of fortune is weak due to debilitation and infancy. Jupiter is weak due to debilitation. Saturn ruling family, status and wealth is weak due to bad placement. The native was suggested strengthening of Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury and Saturn and the propitiatory remedies were suggested for the malefic planets Rahu and Ketu as they were transiting in the fourth and tenth houses in 1985.

CASE OF PROFESSIONAL PROBLEMS (Female born 7th September, 1952, 1305 hours at Calcutta).

The professional matters are ruled by the tenth and second houses and the general significator planets are the Sun and Mercury. The lord of the tenth house is Mercury, which is well placed in the ninth house. The significator Sun is well placed in its own sign in the ninth house. The Sun is debilitated in navamsa. The lord of the eleventh house ruling income, Venus, is debilitated. Saturn ruling the third house occupies the tenth house. The Moon ruling the eighth house causes exact affliction to the fifth and eleventh houses. The person was doing her own business and was engaged in trading in stock market. The consultation was for problems in income and financial gains. The native was suggested strengthening of Venus, the Sun and Mercury. The propitiatory remedies were suggested for Rahu, Ketu and the Moon. In transit Rahu was in the fifth house and transit Ketu was in the eleventh house. The performance of astral remedies helped the native. A few days later her husband also consulted and sought astral remedies so that he could also benefit in his business.




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