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"Impact of Ascending Sign - Pisces"

The sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and rules feet, toes, lymphatic system, bones of feet and toe, etc.  Afflicted and weak Jupiter together with close affliction of functional malefics to the mid-point of the ascendant gives gout pains, joint pains, problems of blood circulation and the diseases connected with the parts ruled by this sign.

Pisces is a negative, non-human, watery and fruitful sign and signifies enjoyments, sensitiveness, etc.  Mercury gets debilitated in this sign and Venus gets exalted in this sign.  With strong Jupiter in the chart, it gives a spectacular rise in the career.

Pisceans are restless, and are always on the move.  They are generally devoted to duty, have strong moral value and are good advisors whenever Jupiter and/or Mercury are strong in the horoscope.  They are idealistic, generous, emotional and enthusiastic.

As Jupiter rules the tenth house and Mars rules the second house, the Pisceans enjoy good status in life in the professions of administration, training and development.  They are best suited for advisory roles in the fields of finance, commerce and law.  The sign Cancer in their fifth house makes them highly sensitive and emotional.  The weak and afflicted placement of the Moon gives emotional setbacks in life.  The weakness prone planet Mercury makes the marital life of Pisceans unsuccessful. 

A strong Sun in the nativity without afflicting to other natal positions blesses the native with good health, while a similarly placed Saturn gives long life and Venus gives a long lease of marital life.  However, transit close afflictions of the Sun, Saturn and Venus do trigger the inauspicious significant events, quite often in life.

The planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the Moon are functional benefics for this ascendant.  The presence of these planets in strength in a nativity assures a happy married life, a successful career, happiness on account of progeny and a good status in life.  On the other hand, the planets the Sun, Saturn and Venus are functional malefics.  The functional malefics, the Sun and Venus, are generally associated with Mercury in all nativities, but because of the malefic nature of the Sun and Venus for the Pisces natives, this association turns into affliction and spoils the marital affairs of the Pisceans by way of close conjunctions of functional malefics.  Besides, Mercury may be weak due to combustion, debilitation, infancy or old age.  The affliction by way of association/close conjunction of the Sun and Venus is more frequent, as you all know.  As the mooltrikona sign of Mercury falls in the seventh house, in addition to the person being nervous, he may lack vitality.  Both of these things are necessary for fostering physical and mental comparability for a successful married life.  These are the reasons why the married life of the Pisceans are generally stressful and end up in divorce/death of spouse/ in persistent bickering.

The close conjunctions amongst functional benefics become auspicious and yogakaraka.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars gives an authoritative and charming professional career with the Government in financial or judicial departments. The close conjunction of Jupiter with the Moon is indicative of high academic qualifications, and blesses the native with affluent level of assets and a career in the teaching, training and development.  The close conjunction of Jupiter with Mercury makes the person highly suitable for analytical/research oriented jobs and confers distinctive name and fame.  The strong and well-placed conjunction of the Moon and Mars bestows a position in the highest rungs of administration.  On the other hand, affliction by functional malefic planet, Mars the good significations of other planets.

Favorable Colors
Red, white, silver, green, yellow and cream.

Unfavorable Colors
Orange, royal blue, black, steel grey, faded colours, pink, variegated, navy blue, bright brown/black and dull brown colours.

Favorable Stones
Red coral, pearl, emerald and yellow sapphire.

Unfavorable Stones
 Ruby, diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite (gomedh) and cat's eye (lasonia).

Weak and afflicted   Planets Effects
SUN Loss in disputes, loss of health & vitality,  debts
MOON Progenic problems, loss of mental peace, phlegmatic, diseases of respiratory  canal/ system.
MARS Average status, lack of vitality, body-aches, sharp tongued, dental problems, disturbed relations with spouse.
MERCURY Disturbed marital life, loss in partnership, troubled stay in distant places
JUPITER Less remunerative and unsatisfactory job, absence of status in life
VENUS Lack of body power and vitality, lack of physical enjoyments, weak renal  function, piles, etc.
SATURN Middle life span, weak physical structure, spinal problems, loss of bed comforts, heavy expenses on health.

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In this case, the marriage is on the verge of divorce in the sub-period of Saturn in the dasa of Rahu.  The husband was completely under the influence of his parents and the native was not allowed to communicate with her parents.  The married life had been inharmonious and was full of tensions.

Here, Mercury occupies its sign of exaltation, but is closely conjunct with Venus, the lord of the eighth house.  The tenth lord of the native is in the sixth house with the sixth lord.  This shows that the native lacks the capacity of adjustment and compromise, and is basically of an argumentative nature and has inclination for entering into a dispute, if required.  The lord of the house of the family, that is the second house, occupies its sign of debilitation and the mid-point of the second house is having close conjunction of the lord of the twelfth house.   Significator for the husband, Jupiter, is weak due to combustion and placement in the sixth house.  The lord of the house of marital tie, Venus, too, is weak on account of its presence in its sign of debilitation.  In navamsa, the seventh lord, Mercury, is debilitated.  The sign Leo rises in navamsa ascendant    and its lord, the Sun is under the aspect of Ketu.

In spite of its occupying a sign of exaltation in navamsa, Venus, does not derive any strength, due to its debilitation in the main chart.  The marriage took place in Rahu-Rahu and differences became disputes in Rahu-Jupiter as Jupiter is placed in the house of disputes.  Separation started from Rahu-Saturn.

Functional benefic, bright Moon, is placed close to the mid-point of the eleventh house. For material comforts and wealth, this is a very good position.  The lord of the house of accumulated wealth, functional benefic, Mars, though debilitated, is placed in the fifth house, but indicates problems due to transit afflictions.   Functional benefic, Mercury, though afflicted, is yet in its sign of exaltation and speaks of the wealthy position of the spouse.

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The Planets, the Sun, Mercury and Venus occupy their respective mooltrikona signs in the chart.  The fifth lord is placed in the eighth house and receives close aspect from the functional malefic, Saturn, and functional benefic, Jupiter.  The lord of the tenth house and significator for husband, Jupiter, is weak due to its placement in the twelfth house and due to affliction of close aspect of functional malefic, the Sun.

Mercury, the lord of the seventh house is in the seventh house itself, having close aspect from functional benefic, Mars. Mercury    suffers from affliction due to the close aspect of Ketu. Saturn, whose mooltrikona sign is placed in the house, ruling bed comforts, inter alia other things, is having severe affliction due to the close conjunction of Ketu.  The functional malefic, the Sun, also closely afflicts the badly placed significator for husband, Jupiter, besides severely afflicted lord of the house of bed comforts.

The girl, after obtaining a postgraduate degree was married in her 23rd year of age.  Unfortunately, immediately, after the marriage, she had sub-period of severely afflicted functional malefic, Saturn, in its own main period.  The bickering started disturbing the bed comforts and finally resulted in a separation.  As earlier stated, Saturn also afflicts the weak lord of the fifth house and significator for emotions, the Moon.  The native received a mental setback.

In navamsa, the natal seventh lord, Mercury, and signification for husband, Jupiter, occupy angular houses.  The navamsa ascendant lord, Saturn, occupies its sign of debilitation in navamsa and becomes fully representative of inconvenience in marital relationship in its own periods.   The following sub-period of afflicted Mercury caused separation due to total uncompromising approach adopted by the family members of the spouse.

The favorable placement of functional benefics, Mars and Mercury, in the chart was outweighed by strong afflictions to the lord of the twelfth, seventh and fifth houses, and the significator for husband.  No move has been made for a divorce by any party.  The sub-period of Mars may generate a reunion.

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The native was married on 6th July, 1979, during the sub-period of Venus in the main period of Rahu.  Venus, as a significator for wife is strong due to its placement in an angle.  Venus does not form close conjunction with the mid-point of the fourth house as well as the Sun.  The functional malefic, the Sun, is closely conjunct with the mid-point of the fourth house.  Mercury,    the seventh lord is in the third house in close conjunction    with the lord of the second house, Mars.  The Moon forms close conjunction with the mid-point of the third house, and is closely aspected by the functional malefic, Saturn.  Towards the end of the Venus bhukti in Rahu's main period, the separation started and the sub-period of the Sun, lord of the house of disputes, hardened the attitude of both the wife and the native, which steered the marriage into a divorce in Rahu/ Mars.  In the following sub-period of Jupiter, in its own main period, the native's desires of a happy married life could not be fulfilled because of debilitation of Jupiter.  The sub-period of functional malefic, Saturn, afflicting the Moon kept the status quo going.  In the sub-period of Mercury, the native again started pursuing his divorce suit more vigorously including seeking astral remedies.  The efforts were not bringing the desired results, because of the always-changing strength of Mercury.  Astral remedies did help and the native after a legal divorce, entered into a new wedlock.

Analysing navamsa, the ascendant is occupied by Ketu.  The Moon and Jupiter occupy the sixth house.  Mercury, the seventh lord of the rasi chart associated with the significator, Venus, is in the ninth house.  For getting consistent good and positive results, it is imperative that weak functional benefics are strengthened, and propitiatory remedial measures for functional malefics are performed.

The debilitation of the tenth lord, a functional benefic, does not give a job with proper authority.  The native, therefore, is working with the private sector.  The placement of the functional benefics, the Moon & Mars near the mid-point of the third house, together with the functional benefic, Mercury, gave the position of an executive in the Media.

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The native had been deeply emotional, had premarital love affairs, was married to another person, and was finally divorced after a short spell of tense married life.

The seventh lord, along with the significator for husband, Jupiter, is closely conjunct with Ketu, and closely aspected by Rahu.  The Moon, the fifth lord, and significator for emotions, is closely conjunct with the mid-point of the ascendant.  The sixth lord, the Sun, disturbs the mental peace and emotions, due to its close conjunction with the fifth house.  The Sun is almost closely aspected by another functional malefic, the Saturn.  The lord of the house of marital tie is placed in the house of disputes.  Her emotional nature and close influence of Rahu over Jupiter, the lord of the tenth, made the native a pleasure seeker, and in the process, caused loss of reputation.  The premarital involvement started in the sub-period of Venus in the main period of Mercury.  Venus is aspected by Rahu.

In navamsa, Cancer rises.  Rahu afflicts the fourth house and Mercury is placed in the eighth house.

The marriage took place in the sub-period of Rahu in the dasa of Mercury, and the divorce in the following sub-period of afflicted Jupiter.

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In this case, the wife died after a prolonged illness and an inharmonious life.  The lord of the house of family is placed in the state of combustion in the twelfth house, in association with the lord of the eighth house, and in close conjunction with another functional malefic, the Sun.  Functional malefics, Venus and Saturn, forms a close aspect amongst themselves.  Jupiter occupies its sign of debilitation in both main and navamsa charts.

The functional malefic planet Sun is close to the mid-point of the twelfth house.

The weakness of the second lord, and severe affliction to the significator for wife is indicative of  loss of spouse. In navamsa ascendant, the mooltrikona sign of weak Jupiter rises.   In navamsa the seventh lord, Mercury, occupies the ninth house.  The native was married in Rahu/Jupiter and his marital harmony was severely affected from Rahu/Venus.   This caused separation from the joint family and caused ill health (both physical and mental) to wife.  The wife was operated upon for tumor in Rahu/Mars.  The wife had to be put on dialysis in Jupiter/Saturn, and finally died during Jupiter's main period and Saturn's sub-period itself.  Saturn, the twelfth ford afflicts severely the ill-placed significator for wife. The debilitation of the lord of the tenth house, Jupiter, involved the native in an insignificant profession.  The good placement of Mercury gave remunerative business connected with the means of communications.

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In this case, the native became an addict and sought gratification of her physical requirements outside wedlock, in spite of her being highly educated and a professional.

The functional malefic lord of the sixth house, the Sun, is just on the mid-point of the seventh house.  Fifth lord placed in the fifth house suffers from the close affliction of Rahu-Ketu axis.   Rahu's close conjunction/aspect with the Moon or Venus plays a major role in turning the native an addict or a person having fascination for intoxication, be it of any kind.

Mercury, the seventh lord, is in the eighth house in close conjunction with the twelfth lord, Saturn.  The placement of Mercury and Saturn in the eighth house is indicative of greater involvement in carnal pleasures, during the periods of these planets.  The sixth lord in the seventh house is indicative of disputes in marital life.

In navamsa again, both the seventh lord of the main chart and the significator for husband are placed in the twelfth house while the lord of the ascendant of   navamsa suffers from affliction of Rahu-Ketu axis.

Good placement of Jupiter (though in infancy), placement of the lord of the house of status in the royal sign Leo, and the placement of the fifth lord in the fifth house (though again in infancy), blessed the native with a profession connected with teaching, intelligence and medicine.

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The significator for husband, Jupiter, and Saturn are in the state of old age.  The lords of the sixth and fifth houses are in the state of infancy. The functional benefic, seventh lord Mercury, is closely conjunct with Ketu.  Badly placed Moon is in debilitated navamsa.  Debilitated Mars is in the state of combustion.  All the planets in the nativity are weak, while the planets ruling the family and emotional life, Mars, Mercury and the Moon are badly placed or afflicted.The lord of the eighth house is placed in the fourth house.

The native belonged to a poor family, and was married in the sub-period of Mercury, in the main period of Jupiter.  Mercury, the seventh lord, though placed in a good house, suffers from weakness due to the badly placed dispositor, the Moon, and affliction of close conjunction/aspect of Ketu/Rahu.

Due to the weakness of the lord of the fifth house, the Sun, and weakness of Jupiter, the native could not be blessed with a male child and gave birth to three daughters.  This infuriated the otherwise inimical attitude of the in-laws.  The native was badly tortured and was threatened for life in the sub-period of Venus ruling the eighth house.

Suggested Astral Remedies for Pisces Ascendant

Suggested effective remedial measures for warding off evils and generating good results in life for Pisceans:

 1.  Render service to parents/parents in law and old aged needy persons.

2.  Observe law of the land meticulously.

3.  Be considerate and helpful to your wife and servants.

4.  Wear a KAVACH (protecting disc of mystical numbers) prepared on a silver   disc as per design below, in a green color thread or a silver/gold chain around the neck with numbers to be engraved in an auspicious time.

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