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"Impact of Ascending Sign - Capricorn"

The sign Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.  It rules knees, bone joints and kneecaps.  It is a negative, non-human, earthy and semi-fruitful sign.  It signifies tact, cheating, lethargy and melancholic nature if its ruler, Saturn, is weak.  If Saturn is weak, and this sign is afflicted by functional malefics, the person born under this sign suffers from the diseases of eyes, throat, teeth, joint pains, general weakness, emaciated body, etc.

Capricornians are social as Venus rules their tenth house. They are conservative, selfish and selective in approach.  They are secretive, pensive, organised, proud and fastidious.  They are vigilant and tactful.  They have compromising nature in order to achieve leadership.

Depending upon the strength of the planets, Capricornians are born to rich and well-placed parents, get good inheritance, have pleasant temperament and are emotional in the matter of partnership.  The major stress area is the fluctuating status of the father and their own fortune as Mercury, the planet of fluctuations, rules the ninth house of Capricornians.   They long for leadership, political power, practice of law and business. Their major pursuits in life include acquisition of assets, partnerships and social contacts for personal benefits and selfish ends.

The significator for the soul, the Sun and significator for morality and generosity, Jupiter, are functional malefics for Capricornians.  The strong Sun and Jupiter ensure a happy and harmonious married life and Capricornians prefer enjoying a comfortable life.

The mooltrikona sign of Mars is in the fourth house, and the strength of Mars in its period governs the acquisition of assets, good education, alertness and passionate married life.  One gets happiness from long-lived mother when Mars is strong. A strong Moon assures happy married life and rich parents-in-law.  As stated earlier, the major stress area is the ninth house, where mooltrikona sign of weakness prone Mercury falls.  The sign Libra of Venus plays a major role in the life of Capricornians, as their professional success is dependant on the good strength of Venus.

Favorable colors
Shining black, white, silver, all shades of blue, green, red bright brown and variegated colours.

Unfavorable colors
Steel grey, dull smoke grey, orange, pink, yellow and faded colours.

Favorable stones
Blue sapphire, red coral, pearl, emerald, and diamond.

Unfavorable stones
Gomedh, cat's eye, ruby and yellow sapphire.

Weak and afflicted   Planets Effects
SUN Short life if Jupiter, too, is in similar position, lack of inheritance, trouble to  father and loss in speculation.
MOON Inharmonious relationship with spouse, loss of mental peace, difficulty in  acquisition of immovable property and  lack of domestic happiness if Mars, too,  is weak and afflicted.
MARS Loss/lack of assets, disturbance in education, setbacks in life, lethargic.
MERCURY Poor parents, average life, constipation, nervousness.
JUPITER Medium life span, loss of bed comforts, weak liver.
VENUS Losses in business, static career, lack of job satisfaction, less remuneration  ventures, weak renal functions.
SATURN Ordinary or deteriorating status, loss of happiness in marriage, loss of wealth.

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The functional malefic Jupiter is close to the mid-point of the third house, and afflicts the seventh, ninth and eleventh houses, by way of aspect.   The lord of the fourth house, Mars, is afflicted by the functional malefic, the Sun.  Both the Sun and combust Mars are severely afflicted by the close aspect of Ketu. Besides being afflicted and combust, Mars is in the state of old age.  Functional benefics, Venus and the Moon, are badly in the sixth house ruling disputes and debts.  Functional benefic Mercury is placed very close to the mid-point of the fourth house.  The lord of the house of wealth and status is placed in the house of fortune in the state of infancy.

The native, whose parents had bare minimum resources, started his career as a clerk with remote chances of growth in career.  His wife remains ill.  The native could not construct his own house in spite of his best efforts.  Rather, due to severe afflictions to weak fourth lord, Mars, he wasted his paltry savings in speculation.  Saturn, as lord of the house of status, rules the subordinate services, when weak.  The close conjunction of Venus and the Moon is auspicious but has limitations, to bestow good results due to bad placement.  Jupiter's close affliction to mid-point of various houses is also a static setback to progress in life.

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The lord of the second house ruling family, wealth and status is placed close to the mid-point of the second house.  Saturn's influence caused selfishness of the spouse, meagre wealth and no personal status for the lady.  Functional malefic, the Sun, is closely conjunct with other malefics, Jupiter and Rahu.  From the very young age of 21 years, the native started suffering from high blood pressure and had to undergo surgery.  Jupiter and Mercury are combust.  The functional malefics are close to the mid-point of the fifth house causing emotional setbacks, lack of male child and mental peace.  The lord of the tenth is weak due to placement in the sixth house.  The functional benefics, the Mars and Moon, are badly placed in the eighth house.  The native suffers mental unrest on account of careless attitude of her husband.  The domestic life is far from satisfactory, but continues, due to the close conjunction of the lord of the second house to the mid-point of the second house.  Rahu’s exalted position has afforded the native some material affluence.  The weakness and affliction of Mercury shows the worried status of father and nerve wrecking fortune.

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The lord of fortune, Mercury is badly placed, and suffers from combustion, and close conjunction of functional malefics.  The lord of the seventh house, the Moon, suffers from the close aspect of the functional malefics, the Sun, Rahu and the conjunction of Ketu.  The lord of the fourth house is weak, due to its being in the old age.  While Saturn ruling the second house is badly placed and afflicted in the house of losses, the tenth lord is weak, due to its being in the state of debilitation.

The weak planetary influences and affliction to the planets ruling marriage and family life gave the native, birth in a poor family, a short-lived marital alliance, non-officer cadre job and loss of mental happiness.  The weakness of the twelfth lord and severe affliction of the eighth house and its lord are indicative of a medium span of life.  The native was married in Dec. 1986, and his wife deserted him in April, 1987.  Thereafter he had to languish in courts to get a divorce.  He is now so afraid of marriage that he hardly thinks of entering into a fresh wedlock.   The native was married in the bhukti of Venus in the dasa of Saturn.  The following sub-period of severely afflicted Sun could only create such experience and influence, that the native has for the time being decided not to remarry.

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The native was born in the dasa of Rahu placed in the twelfth house.  The next dasa was of a functional malefic, Jupiter, indicating unfavorable conditions in life, in the early and career building years.  Saturn's period has its own peculiarities of limitations.  The Sun, lord of the house of marital ties, is placed in the sixth house and suffers from close affliction through aspect of functional malefic, Jupiter, and association of Rahu-Ketu axis.  The lord of the seventh house is placed in the tenth house, indicating continued marital relationship.  Ketu's affliction to the Sun, gave loss of vitality and number of physical ailments to the native.  The lord of the house of fortune is badly placed in the sixth house, which gave persistent setbacks in life.  The bad placement of the lord of the tenth house compelled the native to work in unhappy situations.  During the dasa of badly placed Mercury and sub-period of Ketu, which is afflicting the Sun, the son of the native was involved in a framed criminal case.   The bad placement of the next bhukti lord Venus could not bring the native out of the legal case started in the dasa and sub-period of planets placed in the sixth house.  It was only in the sub-period of the Moon, which is well-placed, that the son of the native could get himself cleared of the charges.

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The mid-point of the ascendant is having close conjunction of Saturn, whose mooltrikona sign falls in the second house.  Functional malefic, the Sun, is placed in the third house, closely afflicting Mercury and the Moon.  Jupiter, the Moon and Mercury, are in the state of combustion.  The lord of the house of profession, Venus, is placed in the house of status in the state of infancy.  The lord of the house of parents and assets is in its sign of debilitation and aspects the ascendant.  Rahu closely aspects and afflicts Jupiter and Mercury.

Venus has given the profession of a lawyer, but due to its weakness, the practice is not remunerative.  The affliction of Jupiter has turned the native towards vices.  Debilitated Mars has given deteriorating assets, but supportive attitude of the parents within the possible means.  Severe affliction and weakness of Mercury and the Moon have given rise to many setbacks in life, including unsatisfactory marital life.  The close conjunction of Saturn to the ascendant also is indicative of a humble status in life as Saturn is personified as a servant in the planetary cabinet.

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The lord of the second house, badly placed in the eighth house, is afflicted by the close aspect of Rahu.  The functional malefic, debilitated Jupiter, is not forming any close conjunction/ aspect.   Another functional malefic, the Sun, is afflicting the combust Moon, Mars and Venus.  The lord of the house of fortune is in the state of debilitation and infancy.  Venus, though afflicted and weak, is exalted and involved in an auspicious conjunction with functional benefics, the Moon and Mars.  The placement of the planets in the third house makes many positive and negative contributions.  The position of second lord shows the status of resources.  Mercury's period kept the position almost at the same level.  In Ketu's period, the native took up work as an interior decorator. Ketu does not form any close conjunction/aspect in the chart.  The tenth lord is exalted in rasi and debilitated in navamsa.  Such a Venus gave the profession of an interior decorator, but could not give affluent income in the same.  In her middle age, the native enjoyed the dasa of a somewhat auspicious and yogakaraka Venus.  At birth, the eighth and twelfth lords are not afflicted, and there is no mooltrikona sign rising in the ascendant. In spite of the setbacks due to unwanted malefic transit over weak natal planets, the native is likely to live up to the main period of the Sun, the lord of the eighth house.  However, the native has to lead an austere life.

Suggested Astral Remedies for Capricorn Ascendant

Suggested effective remedial measures for warding off evils and generating good results in life for Capricornians:

1.  Render service to parents/ parents in law, preceptor and aged and needy persons.

2.     Observe law of the land meticulously.

3.     Wear a KAVACH (protecting disc of mystical numbers) prepared on a silver disc as per design below, in a black colored thread or a gold chain around the neck with numbers to be engraved in an auspicious time.

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