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"Impact of Ascending Sign - Sagittarius"

Sagittarius rising in the ascendant gives magnificent personality and such persons are best suited for training or advisory roles due to their pleasant presence.   The body description gets modified, if Jupiter is weak in the nativity and, Jupiter and/ or the ascendant are closely associated by malefic planets.  Sagittarians believe in hard work and God.  They are humorous and generally maintain composure.  They are clever, progressive, generous, organised, ambitious and successful, when Mars and Mercury are strong in the nativity. They are straightforward, vocal and extroverts.

Sagittarius is a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter.  The sign rules hips, thighs, arterial system and nerves.  An afflicted ascendant with weak Jupiter poses health problems to the native on account of anaemia, poor digestion, jaundice, high fever, cold, diabetes, etc. etc.

Besides Rahu and Ketu, the Moon is the only other functional malefic for the Sagittarians.  As the Moon is a fast moving planet, the transit unfavorable events caused by the Moon are very short-lived, as the Moon separates from the conjunctions/aspects in a matter of just few hours.  The stress areas for Sagittarians are the indications of the tenth house and the all-pervading impediments.  The impediments are caused by the transit impact of the Moon and the transit and/ or natal weakness of weakness-prone Mercury.  Weakness of Mercury is responsible for stress in the work area.

A strong Sun confers name, fame and evolution of the soul, while a strong Venus blesses the native with affluent financial gains and resources. Sagittarians are very cautious in their endeavors as the third house is ruled by Saturn.  A strong Mars makes them dynamic and blesses with male children as the mooltrikona sign of Mars falls in the fifth house.  Mars acts for them as a yogakaraka planet.  A strong Moon confers inheritance. A lot of their energy and time is dissipated because of extravagance in the matter of uncalled for advisory assumed by them.  Self control in this regard will help them in using the savings for their material and spiritual growth. The peculiarity of the Sagittarius ascendant is that they remain dissatisfied in life, as their achievements are not commensurate to their knowledge and competence.  Their knowledge and competence is governed by Jupiter, while achievements are governed by the state of strength of Mercury.  Sagittarius is otherwise an enviable sign to be born in, as irrespective of their status and level of knowledge, people may throng in for their advice.  They generally maintain good physical health.

Depending upon the strength of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury, the Sagittarians take up professions of religious preceptors, teachers, managers, legal and financial advisors.  The strong Sun in its period indicates involvement and success in administrative and political fields.  The powerful influence of other functional benefics does change the course of professional pursuits of Sagittarians.

Favorable colors
Yellow, all shades of blue, variegated colors, red, pink, orange, golden and green.

Unfavorable colors
White, steel grey and dull brown.

Favorable stones
Yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, diamond, ruby, red coral and emerald.

Unfavorable stones
Pearl, hessonite (gomedh) and lasonia (cat's eye)

Weak and afflicted   Planets Effects
SUN Trouble to father and setbacks in life, trouble to male children, loss of vitality.
MOON Weak health, high BP in early stages of life, loss of mental peace, delayed marriage
MARS Trouble to sons, obstructed education, highly ambitious, unfulfilled desires.
MERCURY Nervous,  middle life span if Jupiter, too, is weak and afflicted.
JUPITER Weak and diseased physical health, selfish, greedy, evasive, weak  vision, high fevers.
VENUS Less income, weak health of spouse, weak renal function, lack of vitality.
SATURN Failures in life, unsuccessful enterprises, delays, lethargy, lack of clarity  and communicative power.

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Rahu-Ketu axis is closely conjunct with the houses, of its placement, and closely afflicts Mars, the lord of the fifth house. The lord of the ascendant is placed in the fifth house, in complete conjunction with the debilitated lord of the third house, Saturn.  The lord of the house of income is placed in the ninth house indicating income from foreign lands.  The ninth lord is weak due to debilitation and being in the state of infancy. Mercury is weak due to its being in the state of old age.  Saturn’s complete conjunction has given the native an urge and initiative for educating people working with him not only on worldly matters but on spiritual matters, as well.  The fifth lord aspects the fifth house and Jupiter and Saturn placed therein, very closely.  This is also a good combination and in fact, the most prominent one as it has made the native not only intelligent, but also mentally alert.  The influence of Saturn in this, however, sometimes causes delay in the execution of the ideas.  Jupiter's dasa gave him opportunity for improving his academic, professional and spiritual knowledge.  It also gave rise in status.  The period of debilitated Saturn kept the pace of growth of acquiring further knowledge and status, low.   Rahu's close association with Mars never kept the native free from worries of the health of his sons.  The astral-remedies, however, provided some relief. In spite of the weak position of the lord of the tenth house, the close influence of the fifth lord, Mars, highly activated by the association of Rahu and the powerful aspect of the lord of the ascendant to the ascendant, the native enjoys good social and official status.

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The lord of the fifth house closely aspects the ascendant and functional benefics, Venus and Saturn, placed in the ascendant.  The lord of the ascendant, Jupiter, is powerfully placed in the ascendant.

Rahu - Ketu axis closely afflicts the houses occupied/ aspected and the planets the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.  The afflictions caused by the nodes have tarnished the auspicious influence of functional benefics.

The native is an officer with the revenue department of the Govt., and can enjoy temporary material possessions, if he resorts to the means of Rahu.  Good placement of Venus and close aspect of Mars to same has given the native a fortunate wife, who is a medico.  Venus has also afforded good amount of comforts and luxuries.  Affliction to the ninth house by nodes, and weak and bad placement of the lord of the ninth and significator for father, the Sun, is indicative of the poor, financial and social status of the father.  Weakness of the Sun and Mercury indicates poor promotional avenues for the native.

The functional malefic, Moon, is closely conjunct with the mid-point of the seventh house.  Rahu-Ketu closely afflicts the mid-point of the houses occupied and aspected.  Ketu is closely conjunct with the Moon and aspects Mercury placed in the eleventh house, closely.  The Sun is in its sign of debilitation, and Saturn and Venus are combust.  Exalted Mars has gone in the sign of debilitation in the navamsa.  The lord of the ascendant though exalted, is badly placed in the eighth house.  The chart is full of weaknesses and afflictions.  The native had poor parents, average education, delayed marriage, a scoundrel as an husband who had deserted the native shortly after marriage, and had started living with another woman.

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Rahu & Ketu do not form close conjunctions/ aspects in the nativity.  The functional malefic, the Moon, is placed in the twelfth house, in its sign of debilitation but quite away from the mid-point.  The ninth lord, the Sun, is placed powerfully in the ninth house, which blessed the native with a highly placed and rich father.  The tenth and eleventh lords are conjunct with each other in the tenth house indicating self-earned income from trading of artistic/ fashion goods.  The native is engaged in the manufacture and trading of artistic jewellery.  The lord of the house of initiatives is in the house of emotions, in its sign of debilitation.  The lord of the house of emotions is placed in the eighth house.  The initiatives of the native had been involving herself in an intense emotional attachment resulting into a love-cum-arranged marriage.  The native keeps interest in training her artists.  The combustion of Jupiter and weakness of the lord of the eighth house, however, is indicative of a middle span of life.  Weakness of the lord of the third house, Saturn, and significator of younger brother, Mars, denied the native a younger brother and the weakness of the lord of the eleventh house, debilitated Venus and significator for elder brothers, Jupiter, denied the native the happiness of an elder brother.  The placement of the eighth lord in the house of losses in the state of debilitation, is indicative of loss of inheritance.

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Mars, the fifth lord, is combust, debilitated in navamsa and badly placed.  The functional malefic, the Moon, forms close conjunction with Jupiter, the lord of the ascendant.   In spite of the affliction, Jupiter is well-placed and aspects the ascendant.  The native was a brilliant student and obtained a post graduate degree is management from USA.  The good placement of the Sun, Jupiter, the Moon and Venus blessed the native with affluent parents and comforts.  The affliction of the Moon, particularly, when it is weak in paksha-bala, is not very strong.

The placement of many planets in the seventh house is indicative of residence in a distant/ foreign place.  The native resided in a foreign country at the time of his education and is likely to stay there for his business.  The weakness and bad placement of Mars poses problems in the matter of progeny, initiatives and activeness.  The native takes keen interest in acquiring knowledge and educating others.  The close aspect of the Sun, the ninth lord, to the ascendant makes the native royal in disposition.

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The lord of the ascendant is placed in the eighth house and is weak due to its being in the state of infancy.  The Moon is closely afflicted by the aspect of Ketu.  The lord of the third house is placed in the sixth house, but it aspects its own house.

Functional benefics Mars, Mercury and the Sun form close conjunction amongst themselves and give rise to a beneficial planetary influence. The planets involved rule activeness, intelligence, profession and general fortune.  The lord of the eleventh house is also placed in the tenth house, giving rise to an affluent level of income.  In the process, the planets Mars, Mercury and Venus, have become combust and lost some of their power.   The lord of the house of inheritance, the Moon, has gone to the house of income, but the affliction to the Moon involved the inheritance in litigation obstructing the income.

The weakness of the planets delayed marriage, and caused lack of harmonious relationship thereafter. This delayed the promotions, denied male children and triggered inauspicious events due to transit conjunctions/aspects of the malefics during the sub-periods of the weak planets in particular. The native found the life as driving a tyreless vehicle on an unmetalled road. The only thing favorable was that the native was running the periods of functional benefics after the opening dasa of Rahu at birth.  The native was a service officer but had to leave his career in between to start afresh with another organisation. The career became static.  The job involved training and developing juniors, which native enjoyed keenly.

Suggested Astral Remedies for Sagittarius Ascendant

Suggested effective remedial measures for warding off evils and generating good results in life for Sagittarians:

1. Render service to parents/parents in law and old age needy persons.

2.    Be considerate to wife.

3.    Wear a KAVACH (protecting disc of mystical numbers) prepared on a silver disc as per design below, in a black coloured thread around the neck with numbers to be engraved in an auspicious time.

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