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"Impact of Ascending Sign - Virgo"

The sign Virgo is the mooltrikona sign of the planet, Mercury. Mercury governs nervous system, abdominal umbilical region, bowel and intestines. It is a negative, human, earthy and barren sign and rules the power of analysis and discrimination. If the sign Virgo rises and Mercury is strong, a person gets attractive personality and is charming. The weak Mercury gives body with prominent veins, lack of witticism and lack of charm. The weak and afflicted Mercury causes sufferings through nervous breakdown, appendicitis, constipation, etc.

Their analytical nature makes Virgos thorough and critical, leading to perfection. They are realistic in their approach, weigh pros and cons carefully and are appreciative of the events liked by them. They are practical, fully composed and sometimes perceived to be fussy. All these depend upon the strength and placement of Mercury in the natal chart. They are generally not content, because environment is quite away from idealism. The usual weakness of Mercury makes Virgo-born people feel insecure in life. They are generally worrisome. Virgos are mostly truthful, sincere and dependable. The reason is that the house ruling character and inclination has the mooltrikona sign of the planet, Jupiter. The oft-existent weakness of Mercury makes Virgos nervous. The role played by functional malefics in making Virgos nervous is very significant.

The planets the Sun, Saturn and Mars turn functional malefics besides Rahu and Ketu. The transit influence of functional malefics on weak natal positions of Virgos robs them of stability, and encounters them with new troublesome situations, time and again. That is why Virgos are known as nervous, fussy and appear to be, or are insecure. Virgos are art lovers and artists. Mercury, their ruler, is the planet of communications. Mercury, when strong, gives them the art of communication, which helps them in entering the field of performing arts, if Venus, too, is strong in the nativity. A strong Mercury with a strong Jupiter, ruling the fourth house, blesses the native with all assets in life as the significations of the fourth house are dynamic in nature as observed earlier in the book. A strong Moon blesses them with fulfilment of desires and good income, while a strong Venus blesses them with advisory status and a happy married life.

Close conjunction of functional malefic, Saturn, with weak natal positions generates disputes for the significations ruled by weak natal planets or the houses. Close conjunction of functional. malefic, the Sun, generates losses and expenses connected with the weak natal positions. While a strong Mars blesses Virgos with good inheritance, its close conjunction/aspect with weak natal positions causes obstructions, accidents and violent end to the significations ruled by weak and afflicted natal positions. Apart from these conjunctions/aspects of functional malefics, the close affliction of Rahu and Ketu with Mercury can cause epilepsy or paralysis, while affliction to Jupiter can ruin the whole life of Virgos.

The collective weakness of Venus, ruling the second house, and Jupiter, ruling the fourth house, delays the marriage while bad placement of these planets and affliction causes denial/disturbed marital life to Virgos.

Favorable colors
Green, yellow, royal blue. and white

Unfavorable colors
Orange, black, red, grey, golden, pink, navy blue, brown and faded colors.

Favorable stones
Emerald, diamond, pearl and yellow sapphire.

Unfavorable stones
Hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), ruby, blue sapphire and red coral.

Weak and afflicted Planets Effects
SUN Heart trouble, middle life span, expenditure on health, troublesome foreign journeys & stay.
MOON Less income, non-fulfilment of desires, loss of assets and mental peace.
MARS Middle life span, loss of inheritance or small inheritance, anger, unhappiness on account of younger brothers
MERCURY Weak health, nervous breakdown, ordinary social status, lack of analytical power, skin disease, intestinal problem.
JUPITER Loss of assets, domestic peace and education and trouble to male  progeny. Selfish and diabetic.
VENUS Inharmonious marital relations, difficulties in accumulating wealth, kidney problems, weak eyesight.
SATURN Tender health, ageing process early in life, delayed success and joint pains.

Birth: Sept.,1937 (Click Here to See Chart)
Mercury occupies its own mooltrikona sign in the ascendant. Even after being exalted, Mercury lacks full strength as the same is in the state of infancy and combustion.

The lord of the second house, Venus, is placed in the eleventh house. Venus, though placed in an auspicious house, becomes weak, as its dispositor, the Moon, is debilitated. The debilitated Moon is in the third house in distant association with lord of the third house, Mars, and Rahu. Rahu-Ketu axis is not close to the mid-point of the houses of its location. Rahu closely aspects and afflicts Venus. Weakness and affliction of Venus told upon the level of status and accumulation of wealth of the native.

Jupiter, the lord of the fourth house, occupies the fourth house in its own mooltrikona sign, but is away from the mid-point of the fourth house. In such cases, the strength of Jupiter promotes the general significations of Jupiter, for example, progeny, disciplined and ethical life, sincerity and honesty. It does not powerfully influence the significations of the fourth house where it is placed as it is quite away from the mid-point of the house of its location. Functional benefics, Mercury, Venus and the Moon, are weak, while Jupiter is in strength. Whenever, a mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant, the longevity comes into focus. In this nativity, the weakness of Mercury and close affliction to the ascendant by functional malefic, Saturn, is indicative of middle life span. Had such a Mercury been placed in a dusthana, say, the twelfth house, other things remaining the same, the native would have had a short life span. The native was born in the sub-period of the functional benefic, well-placed and weak Mercury, in the main period of Saturn. The native also saw the main period of Mercury in life. The native pursued the course of engineering but due to weakness and affliction to the lord of the second house, ruling status, could not acquire higher status in life.

Debilitated lord of the eleventh house kept the earnings on lower side. The strong lord of the fourth house helped the native to acquire a degree in engineering. This Jupiter also blessed the native with well-behaved sons and domestic happiness. Though due to the weakness of the Moon and affliction to the ascendant by Saturn there were spells of mental worries to the native, yet he generally maintained good physical health. As the chart did not indicate full span of life, the native died of an accident in the fifty-first year of his life.

Birth: July, 1968 (Click Here to See Chart)
The sign Virgo rises in the ascendant, whose lord Mercury is placed in the eleventh house. The functional malefic, Mars, closely aspects the mid-points of the ascendant, the fourth and fifth houses and afflicts the houses occupied and aspected. The Sun, the lord of the twelfth house, ruling bed comforts and peacefully enjoying the company of the spouse, is closely aspected by the functional malefic, Ketu. Rahu in its own sub-period gave the marriage as it is placed in the house of marital tie. The gains of Rahu's period are seldom retained on permanent basis. Especially, when Rahu is badly placed i.e. placed in a malefic house, the gains of Rahu's period are always lost. In addition to the affliction to the Sun, Jupiter, whose mooltrikona sign falls in the fourth house ruling bliss of the marital life, is also combust. Both significators, Jupiter for husband in a female chart and the secondary significator for husband, the Sun, are weak and afflicted by Ketu. The weakness of the fourth house and affliction to significators indicate disturbed and short-lived marital bliss. The lady lost her husband after two and a half years of marriage in the sub-period of the combust Jupiter. The functional malefic, Saturn, also closely afflicts the houses, occupied and aspected as also the Moon, the lord of the eleventh house.

The close affliction of various houses and the Sun and the Moon by functional malefics, is clearly indicative of tragic happenings in life. The weak and afflicted fourth house also indicates the uncomfortable position of the parents.

Some people hold the view that those who prescribe astral-remedial measures are incompetent to make predictions. I can only pity at their lack of power to understand. The afflictions and weaknesses identified with the help of the Systems' Approach clearly indicate the picture as in this case and there cannot be two opinions. The only opinion will be suffering. But such people forget and disregard Maharishi Parashar, who propounded the theory of remedial measures. The preventive remedial measures provide relief from sufferings, while remedial measures after some tragic incidence help in rehabilitation.

The placement of the Moon in the ninth house shows relationship between income and father. The native, in such cases, derives benefit from his/her own father. The lord of the house of status, though in old age, is well-placed in the ninth house in its own non-mooltrikona sign. This is indicative of native acquiring position in life through the help and assistance of father. The placement of the lord of the ascendant is also indicative of earnings by self-effort.

Predicting future is one part of the story in case of astrology while remedial measures is the essence, which helps us in providing umbrella during cloudy days.

Birth:Sept. , 1945  (Click Here to See Chart)
Mercury, when strong makes a person analytical in approach and its weakness robs the person of that power. In this case, Mercury and Jupiter, ruling the ascendant and the fourth house, are combust. The native had higher education in non-analytical subjects. Weakness of Jupiter and severely afflicted and badly placed Venus, denied the marital bliss to the native. Functional malefic, Saturn, do not form close conjunction/aspect in the chart while the Sun is closely afflicting Mercury and the houses occupied and aspected. Mars is closely aspecting the weak Jupiter.

Here the marriage was delayed and denied up to the age of 47 years due to the factors elaborated earlier. However, performance of remedial measures generated circumstances for marriage, but because of the weak Mercury the native erred in judgement and agreed for marriage with a person whose divorce for an earlier marriage was pending in the court of law. The celebration of the marriage was delayed for some time. The somewhat close association of Rahu-Ketu with the lord of the eighth house eludes the enjoyment of the conjugal life.

The good placement of the Moon in the chart have given the native self-earned income, and benefits from parents. The influence of Jupiter, the planet signifying education and knowledge, has given the profession of a teacher to the native.

The native has been advised strict observance of remedial measures for Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Mars for success in the delayed marriage. Here again, the only conclusion from weak and afflicted Jupiter, Venus and Mars, without the help of astral remedies, is absence of marital bliss.

Birth: Jan., 1962  (Click Here to See Chart)
Very peculiar chart indeed. The native wanted to go in for administrative services, while astrological factors indicate that the native can work in an organisation dealing with research or analysis. Mercury is placed in the fifth house in close conjunction with debilitated but functional benefic, Jupiter, and Ketu. Ketu's affliction outweighs the influence of weak Jupiter. In spite of his attaining a good academic postgraduate degree in economics, the native could not find a job. First his direction was wrong, and secondly, when he got selected for some foreign fellowship in the field of research, he could not go because of paucity of funds. Let us see the rest of the planets in the chart. Venus (ruling the house of status), Mars and Saturn are combust. Rahu-Ketu axis closely afflicts the houses occupied/aspected, including the income and mental peace. The lord of the eighth house is closely conjunct with the fourth house. The Moon is well-placed and unafflicted but is quite away from the mid-point of the tenth house. Though it has not given the results in the tenth house as affliction of the eighth lord to the tenth house is more grave, the Moon has promoted its general significations like long lived parents, education, good mental strength and elder brothers.

The operation of inauspicious sub-periods of Mars and Rahu in the main period of weak and afflicted Jupiter and sub-periods of combust Saturn and afflicted Mercury in the dasa of Saturn has completely shattered the native, because of successive failures in spite of the good educational background and family circumstances. Weakness and affliction of the lords of the second and fourth houses have delayed employment and marriage. The strict observance of astral remedies can better the situation to a limited extent at the rehabilitation stage.

Birth: Sept.,1959  (Click Here to See Chart)
The lord of the ascendant is combust (weak), badly placed (in the twelfth house) and is afflicted (closely conjunct with the lord of the twelfth house). Rahu-Ketu axis and functional malefic, Mars, are closely related with the mid-point of the ascendant. The fourth lord is placed in the third house in the state of infancy and the mid-point of the third house is closely aspected by Ketu. The lord of the second house is placed in the twelfth house. The functional malefic, Saturn, is closely afflicting the houses occupied and aspected by it. The ascendant and its lord are having severe afflictions and are devoid of a benefic influence.

The marital life of the native is totally inharmonious. The native is so much harassed in life that she tried to commit suicide in the main period of Saturn (a functional malefic) and sub-period of the Sun (another functional malefic afflicting the lord of the ascendant closely). The lord of the eleventh house, the Moon, is also badly placed in the chart. All the functional benefics have been rendered helpless due to weakness, afflictions and bad placements. Though the suicide attempt of the native did not succeed in September 1989, yet the chart only promises a middle life span. If as per the traditional theory, we consider this chart from the Moon, the chart will never indicate the circumstances prevailing in life. The major difference between the traditional theory and Systems' Approach is that it guides the astrologer to correct analysis more confidently.

Birth: February 1942  (Click Here to See Chart)
The lord of the ascendant, Mercury, is badly placed but closely aspected by functional benefic, the Moon. The lord of the fourth house is unafflicted and powerfully placed in the ninth house. The ascendant is not having any close malefic aspect but is aspected by the benefic, Jupiter. The combust Venus is closely afflicted but having close favorable aspect from Jupiter. The eighth lord's placement in the eighth house has provided strength to the eighth house for conferring substantial inheritance on the native. The position of the fourth lord in the ninth house shows that the parents, property and education play a very important part in the life of the native. Benefic Jupiter's placement in the trine is very strategic as it aspects the ascendant, third house, the lord of the house of status and the fifth house. Jupiter conferred good education and high status and the sub-periods of Jupiter favored the native gainfully. Saturn's placement is indicative of some dispute in the matter of property as mooltrikona sign of Saturn falls in the sixth house and its placement is close to the mid-point of the eighth house. The placement of the Moon in the twelfth house gave income to the native from foreign lands in the dasa of the Moon. The placement of the Sun, though afflicting for Venus, is beneficial for the natural significations of the Sun.

Birth September 1936. (Click Here to See Chart)
The lord of the ascendant, Mercury, is closely conjunct with the ascendant in its sign of exaltation. The ascendant is occupied by another functional benefic, Venus, which is weak due to its being in its sign of debilitation. The functional malefics, the Sun and Saturn occupy their respective mooltrikona signs in the chart providing strength to natural and particular significations in the nativity. The other afflictions are close aspect of Mars to Saturn and the close aspect of Saturn to Jupiter. Jupiter is in its sign of debilitation in the navamsa. The lord of the eleventh house, the Moon, is in the eighth house, which is closely aspected by Rahu. There is an exchange of houses by Mars and the Moon in the nativity. The relationship of eighth lord with the lord of the eleventh house is indicative of income from foreign lands.

The weakness and affliction of the Moon is indicative of undesirable behaviour of friends. The strong and unafflicted Mercury made the native an engineer, MBA, and highly analytical in approach. The weakness of Jupiter and Venus were responsible for lack of total co-operation by the spouse. During the main period of Mars, the native served in a foreign country and earned wealth. The sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Rahu brought the native back to his native place. Rahu's affliction to the Moon occasionally created obstructions in the sources of income. The weak functional benefics give benefits of comparatively lower order but whenever they are transited by functional malefic there is some amount of harm.

Suggested Astral Remedies for Virgo Ascendant

Suggested effective remedial measures for warding off evils and generating good results in life for Virgo-born people.
1. Render service to parents/parents in law and old aged needy persons.
2. Observe law of the land meticulously.
3. Be considerate to younger brothers and servants.
4. Wear a KAVACH (protecting disc of mystical numbers) prepared on a silver disc as per design below in a green color thread or a gold chain around the neck with numbers to be engraved in an auspicious time.

KAVACH  (Click Here to See Kavach)

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