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" How to Analyze Psychiatric Problems
& Apply Astral Remedies "

With materialism all pervading, everybody is becoming ambitious and trying to compete with others in terms of materialistic possessions. Money has become the master. For earning more and more and acquiring good status in life, professional education is the one simple way. Therefore, people are putting more and more pressure on their wards for success in competitive exams. This is causing psychiatric problems to the children when they fail to cope with pressures. Another reason is the changing values in the societies as a consequence of globalization. People are finding it difficult to cope with changing behavior patterns and life styles. The established moral values are being ignored. Taking all these together, there are increased and unbearable mental pressures in the emotional relationships, studies, pursuing changing life styles and coping with the competitive activities in business and job matters. Therefore, it is not only necessary that an astrologer be able to identify the psychiatric problem, but also handle it with suggestions of astral remedies.


THE PLANETS  The Moon and Mercury
THE HOUSES  Fourth and fifth
THE SIGNS Cancer and Leo

  The Moon is the significator of mind while Mercury rules the nerves and communicative capabilities controlled by the brain. The fourth house signifies the mental status while the fifth house signifies the power of the brain in receiving, analyzing, absorbing and rejecting the various messages caused by the planetary influences during the sub-periods of various planets. The signs Cancer and Leo are significators of mental potentialities - both weak and strong. As mentioned earlier, the indications of the signs fructify through the strength of their lords.

The psychiatric problems can be long-term as well as short-term. The natal afflictions to the significators cause long-term problems. The transit afflictions cause short-term problems. Needless to say, the afflictions are caused by the close conjunctions/aspects of the functional malefic planets in a nativity to other planets/houses.

By way of a few case studies, we shall see the horoscopic analysis for psychiatric problems and the results where the astral remedies were administered.

Male born 15th January, 1973, at 0055 Hrs.  (Click Here to See Chart)
Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefic planets in this nativity. Rahu closely afflicts Mercury and Jupiter. Saturn, being lord of the fifth house, along with the Moon, is badly placed in the eighth house and both of these planets have been rendered weak. The significator planets, the Moon and Mercury, are both weak, and Mercury is badly afflicted. The Sun is in the state of infancy. Because of the natal afflictions, the psychiatric problem was manifest in this case for a very long duration. The native was a student of engineering when suddenly during the sub-period of the Moon in the main period of Mars mental stress increased. Because of the weakness of the Moon due to bad placement, the native could not cope up with mental stress and started complaining of headache, body pain and sleeplessness. In the following sub-period of Rahu in its own main period, the situation became grim and the native could not return to studies. Finally, the large gap compelled the discontinuance of studies. In February 1994, the native's parents approached for astrological remedies. The native was prescribed wearing of a Kavach and performance of charities for Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. The performance of the astral remedies could bring the native out of the difficult situation and from the year 1995 when the sub-period of Jupiter was in progress the native started visiting the family business place. The native fully recovered from his psychiatric problem and started handling a family business unit independently. The wearing of the Kavach continues to provide strength to the weak planets like Saturn, the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter in the nativity.

Male born 25th March, 1981, at 1728 Hrs.   (Click Here to See Chart)
The Moon is in its sign of debilitation. The fifth lord, Jupiter, along with Saturn, is under the close aspect of Ketu from the sixth house. The badly placed Sun and Mars are under the close aspect of Rahu from the twelfth house. Although Mercury is apparently well placed and unafflicted, the sub-period of Mercury was of little help due to the affliction of its dispositor. As soon as the sub-period of Mars in the dasa of Saturn started there were problems to the father in his business and from the Government. The circumstances at home created tension for the native. The onset of the sub-period of Rahu in the dasa of Saturn and the affliction of the Sun by Rahu triggered acute tension for the native that involved his father as well, as the Sun is a natural significator of father. In August 1994, the astral remedies were sought when the natal afflictions and the long duration were explained to the father. Though the astral remedies were started but to cut short the duration, more stress was placed by the father of the native on the psychiatric treatment in comparison to the astral remedies. The prolonged psychiatric treatment proved to be of no help and the native's father returned to astral remedies. The performance of astral remedies helped in steering the native clear of the problem. The child is now leading a normal life and participating in the family business. The problem, however, took the toll on studies.

Female born in May, 1975.  (Click Here to See Chart)
The lord of the fourth house, Venus, is badly placed. There is no mooltrikona sign in the fifth house, and as such the lord of the fifth house is not under consideration. Mercury is strong. The Moon is weak due to infancy. The lord of the sign Leo, the Sun, is well placed. The chart does not indicate long term problems, as there are no natal afflictions. When the transit Rahu became stationary and aspected closely the natal Mercury from August 1996, the native got mentally disturbed. Natal Mercury was also simultaneously under the aspect of the most malefic planet, Saturn. The continued stress for over three months necessitated consultation with a psychiatrist. The lack of improvement compelled the parents of the native to seek astral remedies which helped the native with immediate improvement during the later part of November 1996. The transit affliction of Rahu and Saturn to natal Ketu, and the transit conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in later part of December 1996 gave rise to another disturbance. As there is no natal affliction, the native was advised that the performance of astral remedies on continued basis would arrest the recurrence of such a problem in future.

Male born 15th April, 1978, at 1230 Hrs.   (Click Here to See Chart)
The Moon and Mercury are weak. The Moon is badly placed and in old age while Mercury is combust and debilitated. The lord of the fourth house is well placed and unafflicted but weak due to the weakness of its dispositor. There is no mooltrikona sign in the fifth house. Besides being weakly disposed, the Sun is also in the state of infancy. The chart does show some natal weaknesses. During the sub-period of the Moon, due to the natal afflictions and weaknesses the native suffered from psychic problem and had to undergo psychiatric treatment. The school was discontinued. The problem showed its acute stage when the transit Rahu exerted its stationary influence over the natal Rahu between August 96 and November 96. The astral remedies were sought towards the end of November 1996, which helped. Use of Kavach for strengthening the weak, badly placed and afflicted functional benefic planets and propitiatory measures were suggested for the functional malefic planets, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter. The performance of the astral remedies helped and the native is pursuing his studies in a normal way.

Female born in December, 1972.  (Click Here to See Chart)
Rahu exerts its influence over the most effective point of the fifth house. Ketu exerts its influence over the Moon by way of fifth aspect. There is no mooltrikona sign in the fourth house. The fifth house lord is placed in the fifth house but the affliction of Rahu/Ketu axis on the most effective point of the fifth house takes precedence over the good placement of Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house and turns it weak. The Sun is well placed and unafflicted. Though Mercury is well placed, it is weak due to infancy. The sub-period of Rahu was in operation from May 1995 to March 1998. Due to the affliction of Rahu, life was fully disturbed on the marital front. The stationary influence of Rahu on the most effective point of the second house between April 96 and May 96, resulted in separation from the in-laws family and the native suffered from psychiatric problem and had to undergo treatment. Neither the native was in a position to perform propitiatory remedies nor was she ready to wear the Kavach due to acute affliction of Rahu. Whenever Rahu closely afflicts the fifth house, the improvement becomes very difficult and people start thinking that the person is under the influence of evil spirits or some black magic activity is perceived. The direction of treatment both medical and astral thus gets lost resulting in many more problems to the native. The performance of astral remedies by the parents of the native in such cases bring slow improvement which can be accelerated if the native himself/herself performs the astral remedies.

Male born 31st Jan. 1975, 1730 Hrs. 17N26 78E27 India.  (Click Here to See Chart)
In the natal chart, Ketu closely afflicts the Moon. No malefic influence is exerted on the most effective point of houses. The bad placements of planets in dusthanas, and weakness of Mercury and the Moon, however, caused problems from time to time due to transit influences as also in the sub-periods of the concerned planets. When the transits of the most malefic planet, Saturn, and the Rahu/Ketu axis exerted their simultaneous influence on the natal Moon, the boy suffered from mental disturbance due to obstructions in concentration. The boy was under psychiatric treatment in January 1997. When there was no improvement, alternate therapies were sought thinking that the boy is under the influence of some evil spirits. When it was brought to our notice, it was advised that there was no impact of evil spirits and that there was no psychiatric problem, either. It was told them that the boy will be all right by the end of February 1997, when the transit impact of Saturn began to separate. Early improvement was indicated with the help of propitiatory remedies for Saturn, Rahu and Ketu , which did help, and the boy resumed his studies towards the end of February 1997.