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Intuition as per the dictionary means immediate mental understanding or recognition without reasoning.  In other words it is also said to be an immediate insight.  Intuition, at times, is subjective and largely depends upon the conceptual background and experience of a person in a particular field.  The opinion of an expert or an experienced person in a particular field carries with it the accumulated wisdom of experience and maturity, which is difficult to be incorporated in any explicit mathematical relationship or a scientific explanation.  Not withstanding anything, it remains an estimate, which has possibility of being close to accuracy.  Nobody can deny that it can as well be the other way round.

Astrology is a science of predicting events on the basis of the position of planets in a Horoscope.  It appears to be quite amusing if somebody says that astrology has nothing to do with the science. I do not see any justification in making predictions on the basis of intuition alone, totally lacking the logic.  When we come to the application of the knowledge of astrology, we find that people in all strata of life at one time or another, take help of astrology in arriving at a decision, leaving aside the collective wisdom of all other worldly knowledge and sciences.  Suppose, to plan one's family, one seeks astrological consultation.   Any person practicing as an astrologer without having full knowledge of the divine science may predict that the child of the consultee is likely to have a full span of life.  Based on this prediction, the consultee may go in for an operation with a view to avoid conceivement by his wife in future.  After such an operation the child of that person may die an untimely death. It is not uncommon.   In such a situation, any prediction based on intuition is harming the person in an irreparable way instead of helping him out.  Will you not treat practice of astrology simply on the basis of intuition as another form of cheating?  Rather it is not only cheating but a heinous crime as somebody has been harmed permanently just for the quack astrologer's small financial gains.


It is in this background and in the quest for greater accuracy that I started analyzing cases of failure in predictions based on the prevalent classical principles.  Traditionally, the unfavorable circumstances were being attributed to weak planets.  But during the course of my analysis, I came to the conclusion that whenever the mid-point of a house containing non-mooltrikona sign of any planet was not closely afflicted, the significations of such a house did not suffer in any manner during the course of sub-period of the weak and/or afflicted lord of such a house.  For example, if the sign Taurus is placed in the fourth house and the fourth house does not suffer from any close affliction by way of a conjunction/aspect of functional malefics, then during the period/sub-period of a weak and/or afflicted Venus, the significations of such a fourth house shall not suffer but the general significations of the planet Venus, and the significations of the ninth house will suffer in addition to the house where such a weak/afflicted Venus is placed.  Apart from delineating the house suffering most in the case of planets, which rule two houses in a nativity, there were other grey areas.  These were posture of planets in a particular nativity, identification of weak planets, conjunction, affliction, consideration of an aspect from the house with reference to the ascendant, the Moon, its significator and from lord of the house in question, etc.   For example, in case we want to consider the marital affairs, the classical texts and commentaries were suggesting that consideration should be made from the seventh house from (a) the ascendant, (b) the Moon, (c) Venus and (d) from the lord of the seventh house.  This was confusing although explaining some of the past events quite closely.


Analysis of further case studies showed that the functional nature of the planets identified with reference to the placement of mooltrikona signs of the planets in particular houses, consistently gave accurate results.  Therefore, the planets whose mooltrikona signs were in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses with reference to a particular ascendant, were considered functional malefics for that ascendant.  The results of conjunctions or aspects were coming true in case such an aspect or conjunction was within a difference of five degrees or less, in the longitude of planets involved in the conjunction or aspect.  Similarly, taking reference only of the ascendant for analyzing a Horoscope on the basis of the above-mentioned principles was helpful.


To be really helpful to mankind, we must, therefore, minimize the role of intuition in making predictions.  We must on the other hand, be true to the principles of the science, which we believe in and practice.  We have to base our inferences/ conclusions on the planetary position of a chart.


The propounder  Maharishi Parashar, provided us with the significations of the planets, houses, signs, planetary periods and the analytical tools like planetary avasthas (states), study of divisional (varga) charts, yogas (combinations), etc.  The classical and modem commentators provided us with an approach for analysis i.e. consideration from the house, its significator and its lord.  This had tremendous scope for improvement for greater predictive accuracy, the Systems' Approach being a step further in that direction.  The Systems' Approach is an analytical tool based on the classical principles.

The trend of results in one's life is governed by the strength of sub-period lords as per their functional nature.  The significant events, favorable or unfavorable, are triggered by transit of functional benefics and malefics over the strong/weak natal positions, respectively.


Each and every sign rising in the ascendant creates some peculiar circumstances in the life of the native because different ascending signs have different sets of planets as functional malefics/benefics.  The special effects, thus, are created due to placement of the signs of weakness prone planets, the Moon and Mercury and due to different pace of movement of the planets.  The subject has been discussed in the book with the help of case studies.


Effective sets of astral remedies developed after empirical studies for various ascending signs have been given in the book for warding off the evils and generating good results in life.  When used as a preventive measure, these save the natives from dreaded diseases including cancer even if strong combinations for such diseases are present in the natal chart.

In addition, the use of KAVACH (Protecting shield) as per directions helps in harnessing the good planetary influences to their full potential.

The major benefit of the Systems' Approach is that it gives sure and definite indication of trends in life.

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