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One of the main principles of the traditional transit theory is Sade-Sati of Saturn.


Saturn transits a sign in approximately two and a half years.   Whenever Saturn enters the 12th house from the Moon of a particular native, he is said to have started having the period of Sade-Sati that is 7 and 1/2 years which Saturn will take in transiting 12th house, the Moon sign and the second house from the Moon sign.  Malefically disposed Saturn to a chart until and unless under check by powerful trinal aspect from benefic Jupiter inflicts maximum pains/misfortunes to the native.  Persons having their Moon signs lorded over by Saturn and Venus are, however, believed to be free from the results of Sade-Sati, provided the radical Saturn is strong.


The traditional theory of Sade-Sati of Saturn does not hold good.  Saturn, when a functional benefic, does not cause harm while in any of the houses, during its transit.   However, when in 6th, 8th or 12th houses to the natal ascendant, it fails to bestow significations ruled by it.  When a functional malefic, it causes harm in all houses when coming into close conjunction/ aspects with natal position of planets.

However, the traditional theory does not hold good in the scientific study. This is, perhaps, the easiest way of convincing oneself that he has found out the reasons for sufferings of the persons coming for astrological advice.  In fact we have to see the functional nature of Saturn with reference to the ascendant.  If Saturn is a functional benefic, it would bestow good results while in the ascendant and the second house.   While transiting twelfth house, such a benefic Saturn, and at the same time its sub-period being in operation, it will not produce bad results but its capacity to do good will be restricted due to weakness attained by transiting the  twelfth house. Assessment of sub-periods of planets after due consideration to the strength of the planets in transit in relation to natal positions prove more meaningful.

As per the 'Systems Approach', Saturn is a functional malefic for Virgo, Cancer and Pisces ascendants only.  Therefore, the mal-effects of transiting Saturn are felt by the natives who have any of these signs as an ascendant.  As already indicated, the results are only to be analyzed with reference to the ascendant.  Moreover, unfavorable results are not felt throughout the period for seven and a half years when transit Saturn is in twelfth, first or second houses. The mal-effects would be felt only when it forms conjunction with the mid-points of the twelfth, first and second houses and when it forms exact/close conjunction/aspects, with weak natal planets.  Barring the period of transit conjunctions/aspects, the rest of the period of seven and a half years would be as per the trends set by the main period lord, sub-period lords, the strength of sub-period lords and transit influence of other planets.

Birth: 13th Sept.1951
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As per the traditional theory, the native came under the influence of Sade-sati from middle of Dec 1987 when Saturn entered Sagittarius, which is the twelfth house with reference to the placement of the Moon in the chart.

As Gemini rises in the ascendant, Saturn is a functional benefic for the native and lord of the house of fortune.  In the natal chart, Saturn occupies fourth house and is in mutual aspect with another functional benefic, Jupiter.  Saturn’s debilitation in navamsa renders it weak to some extent and hence restricts it to bestow full benefic results.

The native was having sub-periods of Venus, the Sun, the Moon and Mars in the main period of Jupiter, all functional benefics as per Systems' Approach.   Therefore, the impact of Sade-Sati was absolutely NIL.  The native did not fall ill, lose wealth, was not involved in litigation, lost reputation, faced problems in his profession, etc.  Rather as per the trends set by the main and sub-period lords, the native acquired Master's degree in Business Administration with distinction, authored four popular books, got promotion, accumulated wealth, visited holy places, enjoyed pleasant trips and was honored by various organizations.  The transit impact of Ketu to the natal position of Rahu, whose dispositor was debilitated in navamsa, had been the cause of the death of his mother.  Just as the death of even the elderly people can never be called timely, at the same time this death cannot be called untimely as well.  At the time of the death of his mother, the native was in his 41st year of age.

Birth: May 3, 1953
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As per the traditional view, Sade-Sati for the native started from Dec1984 with the entry of Saturn in the sign Scorpio.  During the entire period of the seven and a half years, the native continued to enjoy his life. The comforts got increased, he visited foreign lands, diversified in business, professional matters got promoted and there was complete absence of litigation, deaths in family, serious illness, etc.  In this case as well, Saturn is a functional benefic and the native was running the major period of the lord of the second house, the Moon, and the sub-periods of functional benefics, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and the Sun.  However, the transit impacts of Rahu and Ketu produced some routine indispositions.

Birth: October 1, 1953.
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As per traditional theory, Sade-Sati was set in for the native from June1973 and remained in force up to July, 1980.  From June 1972, she was running main period of Mercury.  Besides minor irritations caused by transit impact of functional malefics, the Sade-Sati period of the native was prosperous for the native.  She obtained post-graduate degree in medicine, got a good job, got married and was blessed with children.  During the whole period of Sade-Sati, she did not face any tragic incident.  Saturn, ruling the twelfth house, is placed in the eighth house.   In the main period of Mercury and sub-period of Saturn both of which are placed in the eighth house, the native sacrificed everything in her life for satisfaction of her physical needs, outside the marital bond.

Birth: May 7, 1985.
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As per traditional theory, the native had Sade-Sati right from birth which lasted up to Dec 1990.  As Saturn is Yogakaraka for the native, the native did not confront any ill effects of Sade-Sati.   He maintained excellent health, had good physical and mental growth, was blessed with a younger brother and had increased comforts.   The reason is very clear that the native was having the main period of the lord of the fifth house, i.e. house ruling results of good deeds of this birth.  During the sub-period of Jupiter, ruling house of inheritance, the child's father earned a good amount of fortune.  Had Jupiter been in strength, the inheritance could have been even greater.

Birth: 18th September, 1952.
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As per the traditional theory the native had Sade-Sati period from July 1975 to Sep 1982.  Saturn is a functional malefic for this chart.  However, as the native was running the main period of the lord of the ascendant, the Moon, placed in the second house, the native did not face any undesirable incidents attributed to Sade-Sati.   During the period of Sade-Sati, the native got married, was blessed with a son, got promotion in office, constructed his house and enjoyed comforts of life signified by the Moon and its placement.  The planets under stress in the chart are debilitated Venus and weak and afflicted Mercury.  Transit influences on these denied prosperity to the younger brothers and some routine ailments to the mother, who is in her advanced stage of life.

Birth: October 8, 1951.
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As per traditional theory, Sade-Sati for the native commenced from Sep 1985 onwards.  But as the Sun, Mars and Saturn are functional malefics for the native in addition to Rahu and Ketu, he faced numerous problems in his otherwise affluent life.  When Saturn in transit closely aspected the mid-point of the ninth house in 1978, he lost his father.  Due to close aspect of Saturn to the seventh lord, Jupiter, in the natal chart, the native never had harmonious relations with his wife.  When Rahu formed close conjunction with his seventh lord in the seventh house and close aspect with sixth lord in 1987, his wife deserted him finally after a totally inharmonious companionship of seven years. In this chart, Mars is a functional malefic and afflicts the house ruling bed comforts.  Mars causing Manglik dosha is a contributor to the inharmonious marital relationship.

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