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With the entry of Saturn in Cancer it will influence the persons born in various ascendants with varying degree of influence depending upon natal strength while transitting in Cancer as under:

1. ARIES - bless with gains through property, professional matters and good health.

2. TAURUS - would give new opportunities in business, personal development and foreign lands.

3. GEMINI - will bring recognition, professional success, gains through property and income through status and with the help of friends.

4. CANCER - will bring gains through inheritance, give financial gains to parents/spouse. Will make the person vulnerable to professional setbacks,health problems, problems in marriage, injuries and accidents when near the natal MEP.

5. LEO - will bring new opportunities in distant places and can cause separation for married people. One should not venture in foreign lands if the natal Saturn is weak and the operating sub periods are those of weak and afflicted planets. Strengthening Saturn is recommended.

6. VIRGO - will remove strain in professional matters and will ease financial resources. When on MEP Saturn will involve sources of income in conflicts, cause health problems, cause worries on account of children, losses in investments, trouble to friends and parents.

7. LIBRA - will bring opportunities for updating knowledge, professional recognition and happiness in relationships.

8. SCORPIO - will bring significant change in their lives by removing obstructions and bringing gains through real estate and new business ventures.

9. SAGITTARIUS - will bring new challenges in business ventures and professional matters. Strengthening Saturn is recommended.

10. CAPRICORN - its a turning point for them as for remaining two and a half years in the sixth house it has moved to the seventh house. The strains in relationships, professional matters and financial resources will cease and it brings success in professional matters, relationships and blesses with financial gains.

11. AQUARIUS - not a good news. They face challenges to control conflicts. Exercising patience and strengthening Saturn will help in averting accidents and health problems.

12. PISCES - is likely to sooth matters and strains in life. Can bring some challenges in relationships and professional matters when it is near the natal MEP. When near MEP it will also cause worries on account of children affairs, emotional problems, losses in investments, trouble to friends and financial concerns.

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