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Jupiter entered Virgo on 27th August, 2004, where it will be staying upto 28th of September, 2005. During May-June, 2005, it will be in a very slow motion around 15 degree where its impact is likely to be prolonged as per its functional nature.

Depending upon the natal strength of Jupiter the impact of Jupiter in Virgo with varying degrees of influences for various ascending signs is likely to be as under :

1. ARIES - It gives new challenges in life and patience will be the key for success. The aspects involved would be that of the health, general fortune, relationships and wealth. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

2. TAURUS - It gives anxieties and mental agitation. It gives worries for progenic affairs. When on MEP will cause trouble to children, father, sources of income and health problems to self or accidents. It is good for financial gains to father and spouse. Maintain good relations with friends and parents. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter recommended.

3. GEMINI - It gives new professional opportunities and journeys in foreign lands/distant places. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

4. CANCER - It promotes health but brings in impatience. It gives new challenges and lack of patience can cause conflicts and injuries when near MEP. When close to MEP it brings in problems/conflicts in relationships and with parents. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter recommended.

5. LEO - It gives new opportunities for updating professional/academic knowledge. Brings in recognition and adds to status and gains through investments. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

6. VIRGO - It brings mental peace and gains through real estate matters. Parents gain and become helpful to the native. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

7. LIBRA - It gives new opportunities in foreign lands and one should venture out if the natal Jupiter is strong and one is running the sub period is that of the strong functional benefic planet. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

8. SCORPIO - Good financial gains through professional success, new opportunities and investments. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

9. SAGITTARIUS - It bestows new opportunities for learning and greater professional happiness.

10. CAPRICORN - It gives comparatively good mental peace but causes set backs in new ventures specially if the natal MEP is around 15 degrees. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter recommended. When near MEP it makes the person vulnerable to conflicts with parents, younger brothers and children besides causeing injuries and health problems to the person him/her ownself.

11. AQUARIUS - Not a good news here. The sources of income face obstructions. Friends may also need help and would not be able to help. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

12. PISCES - Good for professional matters with new opportunities in foreign lands. Gives long journeys. Strengthening of Jupiter recommended.

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