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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Prasna and Muhurata

1. How we determine the location and time for prasna?
If the prasna is in person, then it is when the prasna is made. If the prasna is made over the telephone, then use the time and place of the querent.
2. Suppose the life time of an intended event is a short period, say a few months, then should we consider only the short period for Muhurta calculations or should we do something else? That is, should we ensure that the planets are at their strongest and that there are least afflictions for the intended time period?
3. For example, let us say a student has an important examination coming up in the next six months and she/he would like to know an auspicious time to start preparation for the examination. Here one can see that the life time of the activity is only six months and so one may have to ensure that the concerned planets are strongest for the next six months without any afflictions?
4. But, another activity would be marriage, which is assumed to be a lifetime activity. So, the Muhurta calculations would get modified accordingly?
5. Should we give preference to ascendants like Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius? Or can we choose Cancer, Scorpio etc.?
It would be better to use Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius as the ascending signs for Muhurta.
6. Is a Muhurta acceptable if all other planets etc are strong? (The current, as well as commencing sub periods are good. )The ascendant lord of the Muhurta is exalted and well placed but is debilitated in Navamsa.
It can be used.
7. For example, take May 5, 2000. Around 1:00 PM, Zone 8:00; DST 0, 122W03, 37N54?
This is not very strong.
8. Also, in Junior Jyotish, SA Analysis section, it shows many planets to be combust but they are displayed in green as they are strong and perhaps combustion is not valid unless otherwise within 1 degree?
Junior Jyotish software ignores combustion, when the Sun is a functional benefic.
9.Is it correct that whether or not the querent specifies a time and place for the question in the case of an e mail, the prasna chart should always be set up by the answering person for the time the answering person focuses on the question at that person's location.
The prasna should be for the date and time the e-mail is being sent by the querent, and for the location of the querent.
10. If the querent had already set up his own prasna chart for the question before asking the other person to answer, should this chart be provided to and be the one used by the person or persons answering.
The answer to another question answered above covers this. The prasna chart would be made for the prasna time and not for the self-prasna chart. However, if one astrologer has set up a prasna for some one else and the astrologer seeks help of another astrologer, then the prasna chart prepared by the first astrologer will hold good.
11. Does the Muhurta elected bears any relevance to the ascendant of the native for whom remedial measures are being sought?
Auspicious time for starting the strengthening remedial measures is not related to the natal ascendant.
12. Is the Muhurta for marriage important or should the time they first cohabited together be considered when the couple is living in man-woman relationship before a formal marriage?
Muhurta (auspicious time) is important for the continued happiness of any important aspect of life.
13. How valid is using a birth chart for a Caesarian birth? I have heard that in India some persons are favoring Caesarian birth on astrological rather than medical grounds. Also the caesarians are usually performed in the morning giving a preponderance of certain houses for the Sun.
The birth time for a caesarian birth is as valid as the birth time for the normal delivery. The belief is that the birth will take place at the destined time, whether normal or caesarian.
13. Can we elect a Muhurta for an air travel?
Muhurta can be elected for the circumstances, which are under control. In the case of a chartered flight, yes we can. In the case of a scheduled flight, we have to study the transit influences in the chart of the person undertaking travel.