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"Frequently Asked Questions"


1. Is it correct to say if a planet is strong in the natal chart, but weak in the transit (due to bad placement or infancy or old age, etc.), then the orb of affliction on the natal position of the planet is 1 degree, but the orb on the transit position of planet is 5 degrees?


2. Can the transit strength exceed the natal strength of a planet?

No. If a natal planet is weak the orb of transit affliction will remain 5 degrees even if the planet is strong in transit.

3. Does Varshaphal have a place in S.A., and does it work for the learned members? If so, please explain if it is to be used in conjunction with the natal chart, or separately?

Under SA we see the dynamic transit, while in Varshaphal, only one time transit is seen for the whole year.

4. Is it correct to say that the orb of malefic influence of transit planets on natal/transit planets for afflictions is 5 degrees if the planet under malefic affliction is weak, and 1 degree if the natal/transit planet is strong?


5. Under SA, do we reckon transits from the Ascendant or from the Moon?

Only from the ascendant.

6. Can transits give results which are not indicated by the sub-periods?


7. Also, if a certain bad result is indicated during some sub-period can a good transit relieve some of the bad effects? Of course, yes.

8. In a transit does the planet bring with it all the connections it has in the natal chart?

In the concerned sub periods, yes.