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1. Can wearing a Kavach reduces the power of malefic natal triggers and increases the power of benefic ones?
The feedback of the people indicates that afflictions can be taken care of to a fairly large extent with the help of astral remedies, such as wearing of a Kavach, in addition to performing charities and remedial measures. Kavach is a matter of experience and it is in no way able to tell how much it has benefited to a user. There is no way one can measure the impact.
2. What do we do to see how it works and how much it works?
The technique to measure the effectiveness of Kavach was adopted as under:
(1) Identified prolonged problem
(2) Application of Kavach
(3) Results
3. How do we strengthen the weak planets?
Kavach is one part of the remedies to strengthen the weak planets.
4. What is (are) the other part(s) of strengthening measures?
Color therapy. Gems therapy. Kavach helps with performance of charities for the functional malefic planets.
5. How to work out the auspicious time?
Balancing parameters for finding auspicious time are quite simple and are given below:
(1) Try to avoid planets in the malefic houses.
(2) Try to avoid planets in extreme infancy, old age, debilitation, debilitation in navamsa. To the extent possible their dispositor should be strong.
(3) Try to avoid close afflictions to planets.
(4) See that the Rahu-Ketu axis is away from the most effective point.
(5) See that the operating sub-period is that of a well-placed strong functional benefic planet.
(6) To the extent possible one should avoid the main period of Rahu and/or Ketu. But, sometime when the main period of these planets is going to end in a few months, the auspicious time can be selected even with that.
6. Are there any references to Kavach in Vedic literature?
The individual set of mystical numbers and use of gemstones do come from classical literature. In 1991 we were using the mystical numbers of individual planets for raising the strength of the concerned planets for removing obstructions for the natives, for dealing with the health problems, for cutting down the delay in marriage, etc. etc. While the current problem of the native used to be tackled this way, in subsequent sub-periods the natives encountered some other problems. Our team members experimenting the utility of these included (i) Mr. R K Chadha, who is an engineer and an MBA by profession and had been interested in astrology since mid sixties and had attended a regular course in astrology in Bhartiaya Vidya Bhavan even in 1968; (ii) Dr. Mrs. K Batra, a gynecologist, who was monitoring the impacts on the chronic patients and on prime sterility cases and (iii) Mr. Kumar Jhuraney, a businessman deeply interested in the remedial measures. The present form of Kavach was then thought up in 1992 so that anybody who is taking help of the astral remedies should be given a protection on a long-term basis. The Kavachs were made only for the functional benefic planets for a native. Dr. (Ms). Suman Chadha is a gynecologist obstetrician and had been rendering treatment for the prime sterility cases, including artificial insemination, etc. She has also found the Kavach applied to the couples with encouraging results. Overall, the experience with the Kavachs has been found to be highly satisfactory by us. But certainly, there is an extent to which the Kavach or for that matter any other remedy can work. The Kavach as advised under SA in the present form is the creation of SA and does not come from classical literature.
7. The Kavach is always worn by itself or whether extra effects occur if it is worn with a yantra such as Sri Yantra.
It is worn by itself and it does not require Sri yantra for support.
8. Is the impact of Kavach enhanced if it is worn with a Kavach that has a wearer specific mantra on it?
No. Mystical number-set in itself work as a specific mantra for the planet concerned.


1. Is the power of a Kavach cumulative? In other words, would there be any significant benefits to wearing 2 or 3 Kavachs at the same time?
The Kavach also has dasa and after a couple of years, sometimes, it is advised to change the Kavach or wear another Kavach. It is always better to keep record of the wearing time to know the strength and impact of the Kavach at a particular time.
2. Are seed mantras, or any special home ceremonies, used during the creation of a Kavach?
One preparing Kavach has to have a continuous practice of divine conduct, to the extent possible, which include daily prayers, mantras and occasional Pujas as well.
3. Is there a way to reinforce the power of a Kavach with regular use of the seed mantras of one's functional benefic planets? For instance, would the weekly practice of doing 108 repetitions of the Venus seed mantra every Friday morning at sunrise while holding the Kavach between one's folded hands be considered a good way to maintain, or even enhance, the Kavach's protective power?
Kavach power surely is kept intact with the use as advised. At the same time recitation of mantras with any schedule help the person further as a whole and in addition to the help of the Kavach.
4. Would wearing a Kavach enhance (in a significant way) the effects of one's daily seed mantra chanting?
Wherever the chanting of mantras has been prescribed, it helps a lot.
5. Would there be any benefit to simultaneously wearing of a gem and the numeric yantra (Kavach) of the same planet? Would they mutually reinforce each other's power?
When the afflictions are grave, simultaneous wearing of gem and Kavach is advised.
6. How does one select a propitious time to wear a Kavach?
One can proceed as per the suggestions contained in the latest edition of the book, Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes, in this regard and with the help of Junior Jyotish software.
7. Does it mean that the time one first wears one's Kavach is as important as the time when the Kavach was created?
Yes. Both the creation time and wearing time are important.
8. As the ideal auspicious moments are so rare and so far between, do you create a few Kavachs for specific ascendants in advance, when the conditions are ideal for these ascendants, and then store them in a sacred place until they are offered to wearers, or do you only create them at the most auspicious moment available when they are ordered, even though it might not necessarily offer the most ideal/perfect astrological conditions?
The Kavachs are created in most suitable time and are stored for future use.
9. Would some Kavachs be more powerful/effective than others simply because of their date of creation and/or first wear?
All Kavachs are created in auspicious time. But still, there can be difference in power with extra prayers for some amulets.
10. Would it be possible to select an auspicious time for first wearing of the Kavachs while Saturn or for that matter any other planet is in its sign of debilitation?
A person who needs a Kavach cannot wait for long. So the time next to best is selected for wearing even with Saturn in Aries, which is its sign of debilitation.

Addl FAQs on Kavach

Q11. Just a quick question on Kavach. Normally the Kavach is made on a silver pendant. In what cases it is recommended on Gold? .

Answer: First when the person wants to wear it in gold and bear the cost of gold. .
Secondly when the person does not want that others should know that he/she is wearing something other than the ornament a concealed gold Kavach can be provided. .

Q12. Does the metal used for Kavach make any difference? .

Answer: No. .

Q13. I think a Kavach can be worn in a silver chain (if a silver Kavach) in place of specified colored threads, similarly the gold Kavach can also be worn in a gold chain? .

Answer: Yes, you are right it can be worn on a gold/silver chain. This is a personal preference.

Q14. If the numbers on the Kavach wear off, will it still have the power?

Answer: Yes, it will have its power to protect.

Q15. If the chain/thread on which the kavach is worn breaks, does one need another auspicious time?

No. One can rewear the Kavach after repairing the chain or on a new chain/thread without waiting for the new auspicius time. .

Q16. In the case of two horoscopes under discussion the lady has got a rising sign just at Bhava sandhi. I think in such cases the detailed analysis and finding out the correct time by way of birth time rectification is needed? .

Answer : Right, if the person wants to be under the protection of the Kavach. But in this case the main issue is the attitude of the spouse. The husband would not be inclined to follow astral remedies. That is why I said there is limited chance of improvement. .

Q17. I am asking this because in day-to-day practice, I come across a number of such cases and then I always first find out the validity of the chart by cross-questioning the questioner/native. .

Answer: You are right in your approach. But in many cases I have to deal with persons where I do not get the cross-questioning opportunity. I have to take my own decision. .

Q18. I am querrying this just to make sure that my understanding is not wrong and if it is, then I should correct it. .

Answer: Your understanding is correct. .

Q19. One last query I have as I thought it a couple of times, can a Kavach be made on a paper also by using the same colored ink as of the thread being used and then it can be enclosed in a silver pendant-case? .

Answer: It involves multiple aspects: .
(1). The auspicious time and the conduct of the energizer is the main thing in a Kavach. This has been clearly brought out on my website. .
(2). The impact of the Kavach through spiritual blessings is dependent on the spiritual level of the Kavach provider.
(3). The second aspect is permanence of the Kavach, which is comparatively better in a metal. .

Q20. If no, then ok but if yes, and then will it be of the same power as of a metal Kavach? .

Answer: Yes, it will have same power..

I quote here Ramayana where the lord Rama had provided the competence to Nala and Neela (His soldiers), who could make stones to swim by simply writing the name of lord Rama on the stones.

Kavach is something which is beyond the material significance of the medium used to pass on the protection/blessing.