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"Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does one determine the health factors in a chart?
See the prime significator of health, (moolatrikona lord of first or sixth house) position of Mars and the Sun.
2. What are the signs to look in a natal chart which have potential to give cancer disease? Ans: Weak determinants of health and exact or very close affliction of Rahu/Ketu or of the MMP to a weak planet/house make one vulnerable to cancer disease. 3. What causes a child's sexual abuse?
The close affliction of Rahu or the most malefic planet to Venus or the lord of the seventh house. At the same time, operation of the sub periods of afflicting or afflicted planets.
4. What planetary influences cause a rape?
The close affliction of Rahu or the most malefic planet to Venus or the lord of the seventh house. At the same time, operation of the sub periods of afflicting or afflicted planets.
5. Would the twelfth lord/house necessarily be connected to the fourth house/fourth lord/Moon if the person's mother had been institutionalized for mental instability?
Besides the twelfth lord, the most malefic planet , Ketu and/or Rahu's close affliction also results in that.
6. What would one look for in a chart for the onset of illness?
Be sure to watch the sub period lord ruling health, when it transits the sixth, eighth or twelfth house -- especially if it is additionally afflicted by one of the functional malefic planets.
7.What are the specifics in a chart for suffering rape, violence or other kind of sufferings?
The influence of Rahu and lord of the twelfth house on weak lord of seventh or eighth house or their lords.
8. Are signs used in SA for any other purpose than body types and if so, when are they normally used?
The signs are used for deciding lordship and functional nature and it is used in all analysis. The use of sign for identifying the type of body or structure of a native is just a part of their use.
The body type indicated by various planets would come into consideration when we are trying to fix up the ascendant of a person in the absence of availability of birth time. Or it may be helpful in deciding this or that ascendant, in case the ascendant is changing in a couple of minutes.
9. What would be the basic SA, indications of a killer? And what events were to be taken into consideration?
If the functional malefic lords of sixth and eighth house together with Rahu/Ketu are exercising their influence on the weak lord of the ascendant/third house/tenth house, the person may possess killing instincts. Afflictions to the twelfth lord, besides the above, may actually make the person a killer.
10. What aspects should one look for in signs of abortion or depression, and which divisional charts should one focus on? Should one focus on argalas for the above aspects? Does SA use argalas?
The fifth house represents both depression and progenic matters/abortions. The divisional charts are Panchamsa (D5) and Sapthamsa (D7), respectively. Argalas are not considered under SA.
11. For chronic diseases, which one of the nodes exerts a stronger malefic effect?
Regarding the chronic diseases Rahu's impact is milder than the Ketu's impact. Rahu's impact induces more consumption of drugs in comparison to the impact of Ketu or the impact of eighth or twelfth lords. Serious illness is governed by:
(i) The sub-periods of weak & afflicted planets
(ii) The sub-period of the planet, whose moolatrikona sign falls in the sixth house and if such a sixth lord forms a close conjunction/aspect with another natal planet or the most effective point of a particular house.
(iii) The illness is triggered by transit malefic influence on the weak and/or badly placed natal planetary configuration."
12. How do we rectify a chart where the birth time is completely lost? What combinations would indicate 1) Rheumatic fever, 2) High blood pressure, 3) Diabetes?
You may start by trying to keep the most weak and afflicted planets in ascendant or in the sixth house.