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"Frequently Asked Questions"

1. How do you interpret the transit effects with regards to the divisional charts?
No. Transit impacts are seen in the Divisional charts.
2. Are the planetary aspects considered in the Divisional charts?
3. As per Professor Choudhry's books, the ninth house, in general denotes father, preceptor and general fortune. How would one define general fortune? The fact that D-9 or Navamsa is used for assessing marital significations (spouse) inter-alia other things, I was wondering as to how come ninth house and it's lord does not have any say in accessing marital significations in the Rasi chart?
Before marriage fortune is linked with parents (especially with father) and after marriage the spouse comes in. That is why both general fortune and marriage is seen from navamsa. But in rasi chart both has separate houses and the incidence of the spouse is seen from the second and fourth houses (besides the seventh house), which rule the house of family and parents, respectively
4. Do we consider the navamsa chart even for questions other than marriage. Is it correct? Why not use the relevant divisional chart?
In navamsa the strength of the planets is seen. If some planet, which is strong in rasi chart and it is in the sign of its debilitation in navamsa, that planet becomes weak. We study main chart, then try strength of planets in Navamsa besides studying the navamsa for marital happiness and general fortune. For other aspects of the life in addition to the main and navamsa charts, the concerned divisional chart is also studied. For example, the Panchamsa is used for analysing the level of intelligence and learning while Ekadasamsa is examined for identifying the income.
5. How do you interpret the transit effects with regard to divisional charts? Example - the Sun may be exalted in Rasi, but debilitated in Navamsa. In this case will the Rasi chart over ride navamsa chart effects?
No transit impacts are seen in the divisional charts.
6. The divisional ascendant lords (when containing an moolatrikona) should be looked at to see if they are badly placed or not, and in which house. So if there is no mooltrikona in the divisional ascendant, then do you look to the Sun as in the Rasi for the Self?
You have to look for the strength of all the significators as per the natal rasi chart in the divisional chart.