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"Frequently Asked Questions"


Balancing parameters for finding auspicious time are quite simple and are given below:
(1) Try to avoid planets in the malefic houses.
(2) Try to avoid planets in extreme infancy,old age, debilitation, debilitation in navamsa. To the extent possible their dispositor should be strong.
(3) Try to avoid close afflictions to planets.
(4) See that the Rahu -Ketu are away from the most effective point.
(5) See that the operating sub period is that of a well placed strong functional benefic planets.
(6) To the extent possible one should avoid the main period of Rahu and/or Ketu. But, sometime when the main period of these planets is going to end in a few months, the auspicious time can be selected even with that.

For further information one can read my bood, Systems'Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes.