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The personality of a person comprising of one's physical appearance, one's intelligence and power of understanding and/or expressing oneself, is analyzed from the first, third, second and fifth houses. Outward appearance comprises of his stature, complexion, features, proportion of limbs, etc. and is judged from the ascendant. The personality as a whole is analyzed with the help of the ascendant, its lord, planets associated with them and the other planets signifying various personality traits depending upon their strength. In case there is no mooltrikona sign in the first house then the role of the lord of the ascendant is played by the lord of the third house containing the mooltrikona sign. And if there is no mooltrikona sign in the third house, too, then the role of the lord of the ascendant is played by the lord of the second house.

The planets rule different personality traits. The Sun rules the quality of administering and leadership; the Moon rules the quality of understanding, hospitality and imagination; Mars rules the quality of controlling through physical and rational power; Mercury rules the qualities of discrimination, confidence and analysis; Jupiter rules the qualities of benevolence, kindness, sincerity, morality, discipline and generosity; Venus rules the qualities of etiquette, understandable disposition, club-ability, team spirit and benevolence; Saturn rules the traits of selfishness, insecurity, savings, miserliness, cheating, and it does not bother for morals in its pursuits; Rahu has qualities like a weak Saturn in addition to being manipulative; and Ketu has characteristic of causing miseries to native so far as materialism is concerned and turns one towards spirituality.

General health, status and span of life depends upon the ascendant, its lord and the karaka for vitality, the Sun. For health the lord of the sixth house, if containing a mooltrikona sign, becomes additional prime determinant. For longevity the lord of the eighth house, if containing a mooltrikona sign, becomes additional prime determinant. If the ascendant lord is strong and well placed with a strong Sun, and favorable planetary periods operate, a person enjoys name and fame in life. The planets occupying the ascendant and associating with its lord and significators, the Sun and Mars, exert great influence on the personality of the native depending upon the functional nature of these planets.

The planets influencing the ascendant give different physical personality traits covering stature, complexion, built and disposition. The Sun gives a square body, majestic appearance, powerful speech, scanty hair, honey colored eyes, wheatish complexion and makes a person courageous and bestows administrative capabilities. The Moon gives fair complexion, pleasant speech, caring and easy going attitude and depending upon its strength gives a corpulent or a slim body. Mars gives a short stature and a stout body, red eyes, thin waist and reddish complexion. Mercury gives attractive features, well proportioned body, large eyes, witticism and fair complexion. Jupiter gives golden complexion, impressive and magnificent disposition, thin brown hair, tawny eyes, large body when found strong in the nativity. Venus gives a charming appearance, sharp and beautiful facial cuts, beautiful and large eyes, dark bright and slightly thick curly hair. Saturn gives an emaciated body, long stature, brown and sunken eyes, protruding teeth, dark complexion, prominent veins, wrinkles, long hands and face. When Saturn is weak it gives lazy and melancholic nature, coarse and excessive hair. Comprehending Systems' Approach is pertinent as each horoscope is a unique entity in itself and the planetary configurations with reference to relative placement of planet hardly stand any chance of repetition. Even in the case of twins the operating periods and the most effective points of various houses change and the transit effects on such different planetary periods are different on different timings.

Say for example, the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Jupiter starts a month later in the case of one of the twins but the transit position of planets after one month will be quite different. Transit is an integral part of the Systems' Approach and the triple transit triggering influence of functional malefic planets over the most effective points of the houses as well as planets, which are weak and afflicted in a nativity, causes sufferings.

Many points will come up during the course of discussing the illustrations.

Male born 14th December, 1946, 0927 AM 28.39N
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The sign Capricorn rises in the ascendant, which is not a mooltrikona sign. Jupiter closely afflicts Venus in the tenth house. The weak significator for vitality, the Sun, occupies the eleventh house. The weak Saturn plays here the role of the lord of the ascendant and is closely aspected by Ketu. No planet influences the ascendant closely. The sign Capricorn gave him fair complexion and tendency towards baldness early in life. Saturn gave thick eyebrows and thin stature. Saturn's mooltrikona sign is in the second house and as a lord of the second house rules family wealth and status in governmental circles. The strong Mercury placed in the house of gains in the nativity acted as the Sun. The native enjoyed position in influencing decisions of Govt. without occupying a formal position in it. The ascendant of the dasamsa is occupied by its lord in the state of exaltation. Due to the affliction to Saturn, the significator for longevity, weakness of Mars and the Sun and exact affliction of the functional malefic Jupiter to the lord of the tenth house, the native died at the young age of 35 years in an accident during the sub-period of afflicted Venus in the main period of the Moon. The Moon being dispositor of Saturn is placed in the eighth house and Venus is in degree conjunction with Jupiter, the lord of the twelfth house, ruling losses and end of life. The weakness of the fourth house, as its lord is combust and badly placed in the twelfth house, the placement of the Moon in the eighth house showered miseries on the mother from time to time by inflicting widowhood at an early stage in life.

Male born 31st August, 1956, 0933 Hrs. 28.39N 77.13E
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The sign Libra rises in the ascendant, whose weak lord is placed in the ninth house in the old age. Both the ascendant and the ascendant lord are not having any other aspect. The native is handsome, well proportioned body, tall and occupied a senior position in the higher echelons of the state administration. Jupiter, though weak due to combustion, also acts as a Sun in this nativity. The placement of the strong Sun and Jupiter in the eleventh house indicate gains of high magnitude through government. The placement of debilitated Rahu in the second house of the rasi chart and in the ascendant of the dasamsa indicated that the native may resort to earnings through manipulative means and may lose reputation. The weak Jupiter due to the combustion in rasi chart and debilitation in dasamsa is not in a position to keep the native in the moral bondage. In addition to Venus, the significant in the chart is the placement of the seventh lord in the fifth house, which of course, has given a marriage to the native with self initiative and emotional involvement. Ketu afflicts Mercury with close aspect. During the sub-period of Ketu in the main period of Saturn the native was involved in scandals, was arrested and lost his assignment and reputation.

Male born 26th September, 1936, 1045 Hrs. 31.06N 77.10E
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The sign Scorpio rises in the ascendant. Mars afflicts the ascendant with an exact aspect. Jupiter acts as the lord of ascendant for identification of the personality of the native. Saturn, the lord of the fourth house, occupies the fourth house and casts exact aspects to functional benefic Jupiter, placed in the ascendant. The native was blessed with a short stature and thin built. The distance of Jupiter from the most effective point of ascendant has not allowed Jupiter to influence the stature of the native. The native took up career in educational field for medicine course, as a specialist, in a state medical institute. The ascendant of the dasamsa is aspected by Jupiter and Rahu signifying teaching and drugs. The onset of the period of Saturn gave tendencies for expanding in the fields of the property business. The twelfth house is strong due to placement of its lord in it which helped native with foreign residence and rich earnings from a foreign land with slight occasional tensions caused due to the affliction caused by the aspect of Ketu. Due to the well placed Sun, the significator for vitality, the native enjoyed sound health and is lucky to enjoy a long lease of life.

Male born 4th October, 1945, 1945Hrs. 30.23N 76.46E
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The sign Aries rises in the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant is strong and placed in the third house. The native has got average stature, emaciated body, and is extra energetic because of Mars, the ascendant lord, being close to the most effective point of the house of initiatives. The native has reddish complexion and a long face. The sixth lord, Mercury, though combust, retains some strength, as it occupies its sign of exaltation. The placement of both the Sun and Jupiter in the sixth house being primary and secondary significators for father and children and vice-versa have given lot of struggles and problems to the native both on account of his father and son. Due to the affliction of Mercury to the Sun and combust Jupiter, he suffers from cardiac disease and blood pressure. He was also operated upon for appendicitis. As Mars aspects the ninth house, the native took active part in leading a faction of society for building of a temple. The weak Jupiter and the Sun could not exert strong moral pressure on the native.

Male born 10th April, 1948, 0400 Hrs
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The native is of an average built, has thick eyebrows, pronounced nerves, weak eyesight, etc. giving clear-cut physical attributes resembling Saturn, the lord of the ascendant. The close influence of Mars on Saturn in the sixth house kept the stature of the native short and made him of quarrelsome temperament. From the seventh year of life started the main period of strong Venus, which forms Malvaya yoga and gave him education in the professional field of finance ruled by Venus. Mercury on the most effective point of the second house created many problems for the native on the family front. Strong Jupiter ruling the house of gains blessed the native with good sources of income. The ascendant, its lord, karaka for vitality, secondary significator for vitality and the lord of the eighth house all are weak which have given the native diseases of tuberculosis, blood pressure, jaundice, hypertension, etc. and do not speak well for sound health and full life span. The native is likely to have a middle life span.

Male born 28th January,1947, 0430 Hrs. 18.31N 73.53E
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The sign Sagittarius rises in the ascendant and the ascendant is not aspected by any planet. The ascendant lord Jupiter is placed in the twelfth house. Saturn becoming additional significator for personality is badly placed in the eighth house. The Sun and the secondary karaka for vitality occupy the second house with Mars being combust. Mercury is combust and under the exact afflicting aspect of Rahu. The native has got a tall structure, complexion tending towards dark as the ascendant lord occupies the sign Scorpio. The physical health of the native is average. The mental health of the native and the righteous conduct are not good in view of the weakness of the fifth and tenth lords and position of Jupiter in the twelfth house. The native is licentious by nature. Due to placement of the strong Sun, the lord of the ninth house, and Mars along with the tenth lord Mercury in the second house, the native holds an executive position in a bank.

Female born 20th August, 1950, 0655 Hrs. 30.55N 74.40E
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The sign Leo rises in the ascendant and the ascendant is occupied by the Sun and Saturn and is aspected closely by Jupiter from the seventh house. The native has got beautiful square body, an oval face and well proportioned body of slightly above-average height. The influence of Jupiter on ascendant makes her appearance majestic and commanding. She is ambitious and likes to enjoy life as a king. The Sun brought her into contact with the govt. and Jupiter in the education department. The weakness of Mercury restricts the status of the native. The initiatives in life are for pleasures and enjoyment and the native is imaginative and enjoys married life happily. There are no close afflictions in the nativity. The traits of the Sun and Jupiter are quite pronounced. The well placed lord of the ascendant with functional benefic planet Mars closely aspecting bhagya sthana, ensures long lease of life with good health. The weak areas are of nervous tension due to Mercury being in the state of infancy.

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