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" Averting Professional Setbacks and Augmenting Prosperity "

Problems in life are caused by weak planets and/or afflictions to them.  Therefore, two way application of astral remedies is administered after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart.  Firstly, the strength is provided to the weak functionally benefic planets.  The strength can be provided by various methods, e.g. stones, color therapy, KAVACH (the protective shield containing mystical numbers of the planets) in an auspicious time.  Secondly, the malevolence of the functionally malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets.  The two way application helps in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences to a large extent.  The preventive use of astral remedies is much more useful than curative astral remedies.

Generally, people resort to astral remedies in the end after trying all other therapies ignoring the distinct advantage of preventive diagnostic power of astrological science.  It is needless to stress the benefit of preventive medicine/redressal measures as against that of the curative measures.

For both curative and preventive remedies the judicious mixture of the following astral remedies is applied.

This is a very potent preventive remedy for epilepsy, mental retardation, psychic problems, etc. and is practiced through the use of favorable colors in the matters of dress and furnishings in one's living room. (As per the opinion of experts compiled by a Library in Pittsburgh, the gray color of cars was found to be the worst in car safety.) As per our color therapy, we have always suggested the avoidance of gray colors by those desirous of happy living and good health.

Again, this is a preventive as well as a curative therapy for solving problems in physical and spiritual areas.  Wider applications of this therapy are in the field of success of professional ventures.  This is practiced through use of outlay of a building to derive geo-magnetic forces for properly energizing the total impact of the building with the help of light, air, space and aura conducive to the main functionary.

This is a protective shield containing mystical numbers of the functionally benefic planets in a nativity and is a strengthening measure.  The weak and afflicted planets are enabled to protect and promote their significations.  The Kavach is worn in a specially elected auspicious time for generating the desired impact.  This is used both for preventive and curative purpose.

These are offered to planets causing afflictions/problems in a horoscope.

As part of meditation, the recitation of Mantras is prescribed for propitiating the trouble causing planets as per the Vedic rituals.

The malefic influences are effectively tackled with the help of propitiatory measures for the afflicting planets which are as under:-

The Sun:
Giving a handful of wet wheat with 15-20 grams of jaggery (Gur) to a cow or serving one's father or helping old and needy persons.

The Moon:
Giving a dough to a cow or serving one's mother or old women.

Morning prayers for ten minutes and being considerate to one's servant.

Offering green fodder (about 2 KG) to a cow or helping poor and needy children.

Offering one bundi laddu (a yellow colored sweet) to the birds or offering service to one's preceptor/teacher.

Offering white colored sweet or helping ladies in distress.

Offering simple salty food to the birds or helping the poor.

Offering brown colored sweets to the birds or helping old and needy persons or lepers.

Offering some food to a stray dog or serving/ helping institutions/persons working towards spiritualism.

These remedies are to be performed daily in the morning after bath and before breakfast.

The weakness of the significator planets, as indicated earlier, is made up for with the help of a specially prepared KAVACH to be worn by the native in an auspiciously elected time.  For details of the KAVACH, the readers may please refer to our book, "Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures."
These Kavachs (Yantras) get power to do good when the engravings are done in an auspicious time as also due to a prescribed way of life.  The person prescribing use of the KAVACH should follow the following:-

1.    Bath in the morning without any bed tea, etc.
2.    Prayers to Lord.
3.    Performance of propitiatory remedies as per one's own chart.
4. Practise the divine way in life that is (1) Be content (2) Increase utility to humanity (3) Help poor and needy (4) Be kind, generous and benevolent (5) Avoid deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, pride, greed and envy.

Continuous practice of the above principles helps in generating power to help others ward off evils in life and derive benefits indicated by the benefic planets in one's chart.


The close influence of various planets on the ascendant, the second, third, ninth, tenth and eleventh houses shows the level of affluence and fame on the basis of the strength of the influencing planets.  The planet Sun, being the significator of a king in the planetary cabinet, whenever exerting influence, blesses the native with high status and the authority of the state.  Similarly, the planet Moon, also a royal planet, is indicative of a fairly good status in life.  The planet Mars gives executive authority.  Venus, Jupiter and Mercury bless the native with advisory roles and affluent position in life while Saturn does not indicate a very good status.  The planets when occupying various signs change their impact as per the strength of their dispositors.  For example, even Saturn in Leo would bless the native with good status if it is strong in the nativity.

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