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" How to Identify Professional Field "

There are a number of factors which help us in arriving at a decision on this vital issue, viz. the nature of sign falling in the ascendant (lagna), tenth house governing profession, second house ruling the status, the eleventh house signifying income, and the ascendant of dasamsa (the divisional chart for analysis of professional matters) of a native.  These govern the magnitude of professional matters.  For example, the sign of a royal planet like the Sun, the Moon or affluent planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc. indicate the degree of affluence of the profession of a native and the income, therefrom.

The strength of the lords of the above mentioned houses and the operating planetary periods hold the key to decipher the codes.  Similarly, understanding the nature of planets becoming significator for profession and the planets exerting influence on these planets is necessary.  The planets influencing the tenth house, the second house and/or the ascendant if there is no mooltrikona sign, both in the tenth and second houses, become the primary determinants of the professional matters.  The operating planetary periods between the age of 16 and 24 years become supplementary primary determinants of one's educational/professional pursuits.

The significations of planets fructify in their own sub-period as per their strength.  The readers may please note the stress being laid on the strength of the planets.  The weakness of the planets in a nativity is the very reason of existence of this divine science.  It is but natural that a native may approach an astrologer in the hour of difficulty to utilize the services of this divine science without being faced with problems but to ward-off the chances of problems as also to augment his ventures for optimum benefits.  The real trial of strength of planets, which are apparently strong in a nativity, is in the navamsa or dasamsa because the weak planets of the natal chart do not acquire any strength in any of the vargas.  Weak natal planets fail to bestow good results even if they are in strength in the divisional charts or have maximum benefic bindus in ashtakavarga.

Analysis of a natal chart requires application of the principles in a comprehensive manner as brought out elsewhere. Most of the time, the significators may overlap and indicate more than one area of pursuit, while a person might have one of the areas as a hobby.  Similarly, a planet signifies a variety of occupations.  For example:

(1)  The Sun signifies administration as also practice of medicine,
(2)  Venus signifies practice of life saving drugs, business of an artistic nature, engineering or luxury items, financial advisor's role, etc.
(3)  Mercury rules writing, accountancy, analytical studies, application of law, designing work of engineering involving calculations, etc.,
(4)  The Moon rules love and care, house keeping, public relations, etc.,
(5)  Mars signifies executioners, commanders in the armed forces, initiative and entrepreneurs,
(6)  Jupiter signifies practice of law, teaching, financial management, advisory roles, propagation of spirituality, etc.,
(7)  Saturn signifies participation in mass production involving large work force, low technology industry, leadership of labor/industrial workers, service, etc.

What we have to see is which type of influence(s) is(are) more in operation and have to synchronize the same with the operating planetary periods.  As a group, those planets which exert more influence indicate the choice or area of profession.  Prominence, fame, wealth or notable contributions in various fields is the result of a group of planets congruent in nature.  The group of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury may indicate the area of profession as advisory role in financial institutions or in financial matters, legal advice, or collectively legal and financial areas.  The confluence of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. as a group may indicate good positions in administration.  The confluence of Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars may indicate the profession of engineering.  Further classification in the major field depends on the leading role of one of the significators.  When the planets/significators are weak or the dasa of weak planets is in operation, the natives go in for routine jobs i.e. clerical or mechanical, sales representatives/assistants, etc., or merely work as helping hands.  For starting business, the role of the lord of the third house, the planets placed in the third house, Mars, Venus and Mercury is supreme as they provide planning, trading and organizing capabilities.  The royal planets (the Sun and the Moon) and Mars, the planet of executive authority under the benefic influence of Jupiter becoming significators of profession indicate involvement of political career. Rahu gives impetus to the efforts.  However, success depends on the right placement of Rahu and it should not be aspected/related with malefics.  Ketu in its main/sub-periods quite often retards growth.  Persons with weak Mercury, which rules planning and analytical faculties, often end up with losses in business because of mainly two reasons:

(1) they depend on the wisdom of others; and

(2) they take wrong decisions when they are under great mental pressure.


The fifth house rules learning.  The planets exert influence over the native with regard to their significations.  The Sun and Jupiter, if connected powerfully, turn the native towards spiritual advancement.  Mercury makes a man a research scholar and blesses the native with analytical powers resulting in fruitful contributions to the society by way of innovations/professional services.  Venus, when strong, gives inclinations for creativity and writing especially if being the lord of the fifth house it is placed in the third house ruling communications.  The Moon gives emotional attachment and pursuit of royal comforts.  Dreams are fulfilled if the significators are strong and the favorable planets operate at appropriate times in life.  The lord of the fifth house in the ascendant blesses the native with academic brilliance while its position in the third house blesses the native with innovative and creative faculties including writing.  The lord of the fifth house placed in the tenth house strongly and unafflicted indicates the professions of teaching, financial and legal consultancy, management consultancy, engineering consultancy, banking, gains in speculation, etc.


The seventh house rules business partners and business with distant places/foreign trade.


The role of the lord of the eleventh house, containing a mooltrikona sign, is also very important.  This will indicate the areas that would be explored by the native for earning and fulfillment of his desires.  If the lord of the eleventh house goes to the ascendant, the native will strive and earn a lot of money through self-effort.  The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the second house indicates that the native shall earn a good status and friendship with highly placed persons.  He will earn wealth through the help of his highly placed friends and his status.  The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the third house indicates income through business enterprise in the fields of communication, transportation, publication, trading, etc. The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the fourth house indicates earnings through the application of parental assets in the business of real estate, automobiles, educational institutions, furnishings, hotels, teaching, etc.  The position  of the lord of the eleventh house in the fifth house indicates earning through speculations, intellectual professions, management services, banking, teaching, etc.  The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the sixth house indicates disputes in the sources of income, income through money lending, legal practice and hospitals.  The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the seventh house indicates income from foreign lands, business in partnership, luxurious hotels, import-export of luxury items, etc.

The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the eighth house indicates income from foreign lands, service, insurance business, practice of mystic sciences, etc. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in ninth house indicates income from foreign stay and visits, inheritance, involvement in religious activities and teaching.  The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the tenth house indicates income through one's profession depending upon the planets and signs exerting influencing on the tenth house.  The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the eleventh house indicates income through financial institutions, gains through highly placed friends and elder siblings.  The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the twelfth house may impel the native to go to foreign lands for earning.  His business ventures in the native place may involve large amount of expenses and losses.

The influence of the planets on the eleventh house is as per their functional nature, strength and the level of affluence is as per the capacity of the planets concerned. The impact of placement of planets changes as per their placement in various signs.  For example, placement of a planet or even the Sun in the sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn reduces the impact of the affluence of that planet while the placement of a planet or even Saturn in the sign Leo enhances its capacity to bless the native with large financial benefits.


In addition to the traditional methods of assessing professional accomplishments, we have to consider the factors governing the educational prospects of a native, that is to say, the strength of vidya sthana, (second and fourth houses), significators for education (Mercury) and intelligence (Jupiter) and the strength of the Moon; the following factors also call for consideration.

1) Planetary periods in operation between the age of 16 and 24, as, irrespective of the strength of house and significator of education, the unfavorable operating planetary periods will retard the progress of education, both academic and professional.

2) The tenth house.  The results of one's educational accomplishments are filtered through the tenth house.  Therefore, the tenth house together with operating planetary periods also determines the area of education and vocation as to whether it is medicine, engineering, general administration, analytical, or a routine job, etc.

3) The second house ruling status and its relationship with the ascendant, third house, tenth house, etc., as also the planets placed in the second house.  The second house also rules education as the status of a person is directly linked to his educational and professional qualifications.

4)    The ninth house - a strong ninth house has roots for rewarding the native for his efforts in life.

The weak and afflicted planets in their bhukti between the age of 16 and 24 do not allow the person to (1) acquire education suitable for successful vocation; (2) get a suitable job; and (3) settle well in life.  Similarly, exalted and strong functional benefic planets give an impetus to the academic pursuits of a person.

The planets influencing the ascendant and the tenth house and operating between the age of 16 and 24 become primary determinants of one's educational pursuits.

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